Intex Prism Frame Pool Review

I received the Intex Prism Frame Pool for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

intex prism frame pool

Here on the Eastern Shore, there’s no shortage of places to go swimming. There’s the Chesapeake bay, the Atlantic ocean, and more creeks and ponds than I can count. While I love going to the beach and hanging around bonfires at the creek, I don’t want to get in those waters. Not only does the soft/marshy feel of the bottom give me the creeps, but traumatic memories involving fish sucking on my toes still haunt me. And I don’t even want to think about the beach because as much as I love it, I don’t want to meet a shark face to face. I’m a little too paranoid about that.

intex prism frame pool

It’s always tempting to jump in when it’s hot and unbearable outside, but I remember I have this excellent new Intex Prism Frame Pool just waiting there at home. I have to tell you about this pool. First, it’s a huge 15’ x 48” pool that my brother and I got set up and filling in less than an hour (we already had a  flat, level spot). Yea, there is some setup required, but I like it better. Don’t get me wrong, Intex has some great quick-set pools too, I just prefer the sturdiness of the Prism Frame pool.

Everything you need comes with the Intex Prism Frame Pool Kit

  • durable steel tubing for the frame *90-day warranty for pool and accessories
  • a liner made with 3-ply, puncture-resistant material
  • a 110-120V cartridge filter pump ((and accessories) flow of 1K gallons/hour) for better filtration, circulation, and water clarity  *1-year warranty
  • a handy ground cover
  • a much-welcomed pool cover
  • a 300 lb capacity ladder
  • easy to follow instructions
intex prism frame pool

The Prism Frame Pool is available in multiple sizes. The 15’ x 48” (4,440-gallon water capacity) is the ideal fit for us. It holds 7 of us comfortably, probably more if we’re not all trying to swim around. It’s perfect for water volleyball and just cooling off. It’s not even summer, and the pool has already gotten a TON of use! I can’t wait to start on the backyard oasis with this pool at the center of everything! *Keep an eye out for that project!*

intex prism frame pool

Before I forget, check out the liner. You know how most pools have the same dull blue liner? The Prism Frame Pool has an updated liner that looks so much better than that tired blue pool liner.

The only thing I’m not entirely thrilled with is the pump. It does its job so far, but I think when there’s more traffic in and out I’m going to switch to a sand filter pump. Just for that extra clean feeling, lol. For now, the included pump is doing a good job at keeping the water clear (just one shock treatment in the month we’ve had it up.)

intex prism frame pool

There are so many fun times to be had, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Be on the lookout for more ways to enjoy the pool this summer and don’t forget to check out Intex and all of their amazing pools.

You can buy the Prism Frame Pool at Walmart and connect with Intex on:

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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  1. Fantastic review! I’m honestly not much of a swimmer, but my family and I could use a pool like this in our backyard, considering how hot it has been lately!

  2. I always wanted a pool at home but I didn’t want to keep up with the maintenance. Plus, our previous yard wasn’t flat so that was another downside to adding a pool. I do like that they included everything that you need to set it up properly.

  3. I need to get a swimming pool. I’ve been wanting to get one for years now. Now that I finally have my own home, I think sometime in the near feature we’re going to get one.

  4. This pool looks amazing! I want to jump right in, your pictures are beautiful, as usual. I like how easy this seems to set up and I really want one now. I may have to talk the husband into it and go pick one of these up, it’s calling my name.

  5. WOW! That’s a big portable pool! Fun for summer! I’ve heard of this brand before, great quality products!

  6. What a cool way to beat the summer heat. This pool is definitely what you’d want to have during the summer and you can conveniently put it away when you’re done! I think it’s everything that you’d want in a pool.

  7. what a great addition to a yard during the HOT summer months! it would be refreshing and convenient to just walk out into the yard no matter the time of day/night and jump in : ) Awesome!

  8. My kids would love it if I bought this pool. In the new house we definitely have room in the yard for one.

  9. Oh!! I have been looking at these pools!! We have a hot tub and lots of room but I never really wanted a pool. The kids are dying for one! This one looks perfect!

  10. We bought an Intex pool for our kids several years ago and used it for a few years. It held up to numerous swim parties, kids’ antics, and lounging. Really a great buy for your money that will definitely last year after year if taken care of.

  11. We all grew up going down to the local creek to cool off and have fun. In my late teens the local town put in a public swimming pool which we would go and use. When our kids were growing up it was much easier and safer to put in our own pool similar to one like this. I would recommend it to anyone.

  12. A friend of mine has one of these pools and she loves it. They are able to break it down every winter and in the summer they put it back together. In fact it was about two weeks ago that they just put it all up again and the kids have used it.

  13. I have bought only the Intex pools and have always loved them. They are easy to set up in my opinion. They are a great company and they have great costumer service. I had a problem with a pump and they sent me a new one right away too. Thanks for sharing this awesome pool.

  14. That sounds like a great pool frame. I love the ease of set up. I would probably go with a more hard core pump as well. Side note: Did you know that they are now offering a service as some spas where you actually PAY to have fish sucking at your toes and skin to remove the dead skin?

  15. When we looked for a house, we didn’t want a pool. Now both our kids are obsessed with swimming and swim team, so I wish we had one! I’d love a pool like this, especially because it is easy to manage and I’m sure it gets warmer than an inground pool!

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