5 Great Uses for Your Attic Space

Most people use an attic as a place for extra storage, but the reality is, it can be so much more than a place to hide holiday decor and old children’s clothes. With proper insulation, lighting, and temperature control, your attic will be your new favorite hang out in no time. The renovations will also add value to your home when it’s time to finally sell. Here are a few uses for your attic that will maximize your space and keep you from outgrowing your home too quickly.

Office Space

attic turned office

In a world where working from home is becoming more and more prominent, it’s important to have a quiet office space in your home. Your attic can easily transform into the perfect little space for your desk, books, and computer. If you’re thinking about redoing your basement into an office space, but are worried about dampness affecting your electronic devices, an attic is the perfect alternative. Just be sure to invest in a WiFi extender if your router is on the first floor, so you can get your computer work done quickly and easily.

Guest Room

If you love having guests over but have very little room for them to spend the night, you might want to remodel your attic into a spare bedroom for friends and family. A properly insulated attic is the perfect place to stow away an extra mattress and blankets, or even a few pull out couches, so your guests have a comfy place to crash if they’ve made the long journey to visit, or had a few too many drinks with dinner.

Play Area

If you’re starting to feel like your family is outgrowing your home, consider upgrading your attic before looking at Memphis houses for sale. An attic can easily transform into a great play area for children, or even a new roomier bedroom as your family expands. The low ceilings in an attic are often not ideal for an adult, but it makes the perfect little hideaway for children to play safely.


attic library

Instead of storing your books away in boxes, install some simple shelving and create a library in your own attic! Bring a small loveseat upstairs, or, if it’s too difficult, create a seating area with throw rugs, floor pillows, and blankets. On a chilly winter night, there will be no other place you’d rather be than cuddled up with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa in your new book nook.

Extra Storage

attic storage

Chances are, you already use your attic for storage, and chances are, it’s filled with dusty boxes and bins, some which haven’t been opened in years. If you want to keep your attic unfinished, but want to better utilize the area for storage, consider adding some extra shelving to better organize your items. Clothing rods can also be easily installed and can be an easy place to hang winter coats in the summer. You can even hang your holiday wreaths, preventing them from getting crushed in a box for 11 months out of the year.

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