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3 Last Minute Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations

diy dollar tree christmas crafts

I’ve had so much going on this year that half of my Christmas decorations haven’t made it up. Since there’s still time, I decided that this morning I would make a few quick Christmas decorations with supplies I picked up from Dollar Tree. Money has been tight for everyone so I was thrilled to find the variety of Christmas craft supplies I did. 

Today I’m sharing the quick and easy Christmas crafts I made in under an hour this morning. That’s an hour for all three, not just one! It’s hard to put a price on each project since I used the same materials for multiple projects. However, I can say that you can easily make everything here for under $20. 

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Centerpiece

diy dollar tree christmas tree centerpiece

The first thing I made was this cute Christmas Tree Centerpiece. I was surprised to see that Dollar Tree carried artificial Christmas Trees. Sure, it’s only like 18 inches tall, but it’s still cool. I put two of them together to make them fuller and used twine to bind them. I also used tulle ribbon to make an easy DIY tree skirt.

A few well-placed mini ornaments and cinnamon-scented pinecones hot glued to the branches made the tree really pop. The mini star tree topper was the perfect finishing touch. 

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Wreaths

diy dollar tree christmas wreaths

Normally when I make wreaths I use a wreath form. This time though I just used the green garland from Dollar Tree. I started at one end and made a circle the size I wanted the wreath. I secured the circle by wrapping the end around the stopping point. Then I continued to wrap the remaining strand around the circle, looping in and out until I came to the end. I again secured the end by wrapping it around the nearest point on the wreath. 

I used hot glue to add a ribbon, some mini ornaments, mini bows, and a few loose bells that I had on hand from Dollar Tree. I love how this came out, you can’t even tell that no wreath form was used. 

DIY Dollar Tree Candy Cane Wreath

diy dollar tree candy cane wreath

I’ve been holding on to my Dollar Tree Candy Cane wreath forms for a while now. I decided to use them this morning along with some of the cute elves I picked up. To keep it quick and easy I used a wrap method with 2 colors of tulle ribbon. Keeping with a candy cane theme I alternated colors. Once the wreath was wrapped I used hot glue to attach an elf. 

This is such a cute wreath, isn’t it?!

So there you have it, three incredibly quick and easy Christmas decorations you can make in less than an hour for under $20. You just can’t go wrong here!

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3 last minute dollar tree christmas decorations

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