4 Flooring Patterns That Complement Rustic Farmhouses

4 flooring patterns that complement rustic farmhouses
By Artem Bruk

Farmhouses are charming and classic. Are you ready to take your abode to the next level by pummeling the old flooring and installing jaw-dropping floors? Maintain the allure of your rustic farmhouse, and envision how the following four flooring patterns will complement your home.

Black and White Tiles

Black and white tiles complement the farmhouse aesthetic with their simple yet striking contrast. They will provide the perfect flooring for the earthy tones and rustic textures in your home.

The clean lines can soften the rugged features of a farmhouse, such as reclaimed wood coffee tables or vintage furniture, while accompanying its simplicity. Checkerboard tiles can also evoke a retro feel, while a random distribution establishes a contemporary aesthetic. Glossy or matte, large or small, black and white tiles can create a lovely balance for your interior design.

Unfinished Wood Planks

Many farmhouse owners prefer a rustic ambiance. The presence of raw, unfinished wood embodies the farmhouse design. The wood’s natural beauty, grain, and textures add depth to any space.

Wooden flooring is especially favorable in kitchens because you can match the flooring with cabinets and countertops. With this addition, your kitchen becomes a welcoming space for your guests.

Herringbone Floors

Herringbone floors are also fantastic for farmhouses. The pattern is characterized by rectangular blocks arranged in a zigzag pattern, and it can make even the simplest rooms more refined.

The versatility of this flooring works well in various room sizes. For instance, a herringbone floor can define different zones in large rooms without the need for walls or partitions. In smaller spaces, the flooring can make the room appear larger than it is.

Herringbone floors are not confined to hardwood. For instance, you can use stone tiles when fixing up the bathroom with a stylish washroom design or upgrading the sunroom’s relaxing ambiance.

Natural Brick Floors

Your options aren’t limited to hardwood and tile. Spruce up your farmhouse flooring with bricks! You could try a horizontal layout or herringbone, basketweave, diamond centerpiece, or a one-of-a-kind design.

Brick flooring is incredibly durable and holds up well in high-traffic areas. The brick flooring pattern of your choosing will surely complement your rustic farmhouse!

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