Your Airbnb isn’t Pet Friendly: What Now?

Travelling with your four-legged friend has never been easier. Wherever you go, you can find rentals that gladly welcome cats and dogs. 

But what happens when the Airbnb you thought was pet-friendly isn’t at all? Believe it or not, this can happen on your vacation. You might not have noticed that the listing wasn’t pet-friendly when you booked it. Or the host used to allow pets but forgot to remove this option from their listing. In either case, you’re stuck outside an Airbnb where you’re no longer welcome.

Do you know how to handle this sudden hiccup in your vacation? This article is here to help.

your airbnb isn’t pet friendly

Cancellations and New Reservations

Hosts can cancel last minute for any reason, including if guests have unwanted pets in tow. According to Airbnb’s policy, you are eligible for a refund. However, it may take a while before you see that money. It can take up to two credit card statements to process this refund. 

Airbnb also claims they’ll help you find a last-minute replacement accommodation. However, their assistance will depend on the availability of vacation rentals in your area for the dates you need. They may not have anything, or the rentals that are still free for your dates may cost more. You may have to book something on another vacation rental site or contact local hotel chains that allow pets. 

Between the refund delay and the extra money for a new rental, you may not have the credit available to rent a new apartment or cottage. And on vacation, you might not have loved ones in the area, so you might not be able to crash on a friend’s couch. 

So what now? If you and your furry companion have nowhere to go, you may qualify for emergency small personal loans. And what are small personal loans, exactly? They’re loans that help you in difficult financial situations like this one. Banks, credit unions, and online direct lenders offer them in a pinch, when you have no way to handle an unexpected expense you can’t ignore. 

If approved, you can use your personal loan to cover the fees of your emergency accommodations. Most are due back in installments, giving you time to repay what you owe. By then, you’ll likely have your refund, which you can use to pay off your personal loan. 

How to Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen

Accidents happen. Airbnb nightmares happen. You can reduce your risk of dealing with this by booking your next rental very carefully. Follow these tips to ensure your vacation rental won’t deny you or your pet entry:

  • Apply the search filter for “Pets Allowed”.
  • Review individual rental house rules to see what is and isn’t allowed with pets.
  • Reach out to the host to confirm that this filter still applies to their rental on the days of your travel; ask about any possible restrictions about pets. Some hosts may only allow lap dogs and cats. Others don’t care at all. 
  • Consider renting an entire house or cottage to reduce friction with hosts, other guests, or animals. 
  • Come equipped with all your pet’s needs, including food, bedding, and toys. Having these familiar items can reduce their stress and the potential for accidents or naughty behavior — saving you possible damage or cleaning costs. 

Take these tips into consideration the next time you travel with a pet. They’ll help you book a rental that’s truly pet-friendly, so you can enjoy your vacation together.

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