Tips for Going on Vacation When You Have a Dog

tips for going on vacation when you have a dog
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Going on vacation provides the perfect opportunity for you to take a break from life’s responsibilities and explore somewhere new. But when you’re a pet parent, saying farewell to those sweet puppy eyes isn’t always easy. You want the best for your pet, whether they travel with you, stay in a pet resort, or remain at home with a trusted friend. With that, check out these tips for going on vacation when you have a dog to keep yourself and your pup happy!

Bring Them With You

Depending on where you’re going and how you’ll get there, you may be able to take your dog with you. When you bring your dog on vacation, it’s best to stick to canine-friendly activities, such as exploring outside. After all, no pooch wants to spend their day alone in a strange place while you’re out having fun.

Before booking your trip, there are also some things to know about traveling with your pet. For instance, your pup should always remain in a crate or wear a doggy seatbelt when put in the car. Your furry friend may also need medication to keep travel anxiety at bay.

Put Your Dog in Daycare

You may plan a trip that isn’t ideal for your dog to join, and that’s perfectly fine. While you’re away on vacation, you can give your pooch some time away at a canine hotel. Search for a dog boarding facility that offers doggy daycare so your pup can run around and play with fellow canines.

Putting your pup in daycare provides your dog with some enrichment in a safe environment. Plus, with your dog having a blast at daycare, you won’t have to worry about your pet missing you, and you can rest assured that they are being properly cared for.

Ask a Friend to Pet Sit

There’s no place like home, and your pup may feel most comfortable remaining in the house while you’re gone. This tip for going on vacation when you have a dog is especially helpful if your pup is a homebody. No matter where you go, you cannot leave your dog home alone for the entire vacation; someone needs to feed your dog, let them outside, and play with them.

Reach out to friends and relatives who live close to you and know your pup, and ask one of them to pet sit while you’re gone. Depending on your pup’s personality, the pet sitter may only need to check on your dog a few times a day. However, if your pooch tends to get lonely or has more involved needs, ask the sitter to house sit as well as watch your dog.

Do What’s Best for Your Pet

When you go on a trip, there are various options for what you can do with your dog. Ultimately, it’s best to do what will keep your furry friend happy. Some dogs may get too nervous to go on the vacation or spend time in a daycare, but others may become upset if they’re not by your side.

You know your pooch better than anyone, so decide which option would make them happiest and plan accordingly.  

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