How To Personalize A New Home

A new home presents an opportunity to play with interior décor, make a few changes to paint projects, and put a stamp on the space. Depending on your preferences, personalizing a new home may be costly or affordable. Recently, an average of $16,000 can cover the cost of furnishing a house. Any extras would mean paying a bit more to personalize your home. Here are some ideas worth considering when you’re ready.

how to personalize a new home

Match your furniture to the new space

When personalizing your home with furniture, it helps to consider certain details. For example, what is the color theme of the areas the furniture would go? Sometimes, it isn’t just about the apparent shades but the undertones within the hues.

For example, a pale yellow wall may have gold and light orange undertones. In the same way, blue-colored walls or ceilings will likely have other cool undertones.

A tip for matching your furniture with these colors is to pick the most immediate undertone. Therefore, if the room is predominantly yellow, gold-streaked furniture may complement the space very well.

Remember that colors are either warm or cool. So, while matching your furniture to these shades, always opt for the softest undertones to create balance. Additionally, if the space is small, sizable furniture pieces will complement it better.

Update your kitchen

According to statistics, 28% of new homeowners like to tweak the kitchen to suit personal preferences. Some do it mainly for aesthetic reasons, while others update the kitchen to make it more functional.

However, if you are a homeowner looking to blend both, you can consult professional services such as Nicholas Anthony designer kitchens to help you out. The brand combines luxury with functionality to make the kitchen a place worth the investment.

The dining table is often the centerpiece of this space. Consider choosing a table that fits your style and overall aesthetic of your home when updating your kitchen. You can add chairs, table runners, and other furniture to make the space warm and inviting.

Following trends for your kitchen design may not always be a good idea. This is because trends are transient, and your interest in a particular design may wane. The best way to approach your desire for trendy kitchens is to put a personal spin on it. If you love vintage or contemporary designs, you can add different elements to make your personalized kitchen timeless.

Display your art collection or pictures

This is something you would often see in many homes. It is the most common form of home personalization that makes people feel connected to their spaces. Apart from the emotional connection attached to these pictures and personal collections, they can be considered timeless art pieces. There are different ways to display these collections without having them all over the place.

You can start by creating a main gallery wall where these captured memories go. Then again, you can create mini accent walls in different parts of the house to capture the various themes you want to stick with. You can personalize your collection further by creating a collage with customized items. The exciting thing about personal collections and pictures is that they never get old. At some point, you may want to switch up the frames, but the main subject of the collection never changes.

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