5 Practical Ways To Prevent Home Break-Ins

According to recent data, the US records over 2.5 million burglaries annually. A home break-in may not only cost your valuable possessions but can be frightening for everyone. Therefore, it’s essential to take practical measures to prevent a burglar from breaking into your home. Are you looking to create a safe space for your family or want to enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is safe while away? Here are five simple ways you can protect your home from break-ins. 

<strong>5 practical ways to prevent home break-ins</strong>

Add lights to your outdoor space

Burglars choose properties with no security, and most break-ins occur at night. Thieves may spend more time sneaking into your home under darkness, so increasing your lights outside can be an extremely effective deterrent. You may likewise invest in smart outdoor security lights to keep your home well-lit even when you are away. This way, a passerby or neighbor will likely notice someone attempting to enter your home. Therefore, they’ll reconsider and go on to a less difficult target.

Keep valuables out of sight

Displaying your valuables around your window areas can easily attract unwanted attention to your home. Burglars are curious and will be interested to know more. Keeping your items out of sight or using window treatments like curtains can help keep your possession out of sight. You may also think of imaginative methods to foil a would-be burglar. For instance, you may keep your valuables in places a burglar may not think to check when scanning your home. 

Install an alarm system

Installing a home alarm system is one of the most effective ways to secure your home from burglars. A good alarm system, for instance, can notify you and your neighbors if somebody attempts to force their way into your property. That gives you time to quickly call the police and apprehend the intruders. The alarm may also startle the intruder and get them on their heels before they make away with your valuables. 

Secure all entryways 

Most criminals can pick your locks, even if they appear pick-proof. However, modern lock systems like the multi lock deadbolt can provide extra protection to your entryways. These are available at most hardware stores. Meanwhile, people frequently overlook garages and sheds since they do not live in them. Yet, consider securing these areas if you store expensive assets such as lawnmowers, vehicles, and furniture in your garages and sheds. 

Don’t let daily mail pile up while you’re away

Intruders search for newspapers or mail stacked on the driveway to know whether somebody is home. An overflowing mailbox or porch suggests inactivity on your property. Some burglars may even place a pizza flier at your front entrance to observe how long you take to remove it. Since this is the number one indicator burglars seek, security experts advise putting your newspaper or mail deliveries on hold while you are away. It just takes a few minutes by phone or online to suspend your mail in your absence. You can also consider asking your neighbor to pick them up while you’re away.

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