What You’ll Need for a Perfect Family Barbecue: Patio Essentials and Must-Haves

With summer in full swing and El Nino making sure that the mercury remains well in record-level territory, there is nothing better to do than invite friends and family over, crack out the BBQ, and get grilling.

Nonetheless, if you want to be the perfect host (hint: you do), there are a few things to keep in mind before you go charcoal crazy and drive everyone mad with advice on the best wood pellets to use or where you stand on the great charcoal/ gas debate.

Luckily for you, this post will outline everything you need to be the host with the most and ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and remembers what’s good about life as it should be on a balmy August day.

what you'll need for a perfect family barbecue

A BBQ (Obviously)

Although this initial “must-have” might appear obvious to the uninitiated out there, you’d be surprised at how many people will head down to their local Wlamart and pick up the cheapest grill they can find and then spend the rest of the party baling their tools for the poorly grilled meat.

Therefore, it is highly advised to invest in a quality BBQ, even if you are merely a part-time partier since this will p[rovide you with the best food and, if well-maintained, should last dozens of summers.

When on the lookout for a brand-new grill, you should muster all of your integrity and avoid falling prey to the convenience of the e-com behemoths.

Instead, head over to dedicated retailers specializing in either pre-constructed or custom grills for each and every skill level. However, when choosing a place to purchase one, it pays to spend some time researching.

According to Meadow Creek BBQ, it is crucial to ensure that the people you buy from have integrity and an understanding of barbecue.

Additionally, although we teased those who make a big song and dance about the heating method, you will need to take sides on the gas/ charcoal argument since the one you buy will form your options from then on.

All The Tools And Utensils That Make You Look Like You Know What You’re Doing

Hopefully, you aren’t part of the “all the gear, no idea” crew and actually have at least a basic understanding of the tools you need to help you turn slabs of raw meat into something divine.

If you are a complete greenhorn to this world, there are a few tools that are fundamental to the experience, along with a few other discretionary items that could help you out with cooking:

  • Grill tongs: Along with the following tool, this is perhaps the most crucial tool in your box. It turns, prods, checks, and does all the basic things you need when grilling.
  • Spatula: Whether you call it a spatula/ turner/ flipper or whatever else, it does the same thing…flip patties. You could use your tongs, but a spatula prevents your more delicate meat items from breaking up mid-flip. Moreover, you can use it with your tongs to help transfer larger food items from the grill to the plate.
  • Basting brush: Slime may consider this optional, but if you want the juiciest meats, you must learn how to baste
  • Smoker box: Good meat requires good smoke, and a smoker box can make that happen.
  • Meat thermometer: Even if you’re a seasoned pro, a meat thermometer can be a handy tool, particularly if you have a relative prone to fits of outrage over a rare steak.
what you'll need for a perfect family barbecue

A Quality Cooler Big Enough To Accommodate Everyone

As the heat rises, so does the need for cool drinks to sate your thirst. However, you must ensure it not only has a large enough capacity to hold enough drinks but is also of a high enough quality to ensure it can withstand even the most ferocious of summer temps.

Enough Shade For When The Clouds Decide That It’s Time For You To Burn

The sun has no mercy for the person who forgets to put up a parasol. If you want to avoid some serious summer burns and the subsequent trip to buy buckets of aloe vera, you should prepare for your event by setting up plenty of shade.

Although everyone wants to remain outside enjoying the rays, you need shade for the mother-in-all and all the nieces and nephews, who will inevitably overheat and require a mock field hospital to recover.

Outdoor Lighting In Case The Party Moves Into The Night

If all goes well, your family gathering should make the transition from day to night. In fact, this is arguably the best part since the kids should be fast asleep and the adults full of delicious food, slowly digesting with a cool beer.

However, just make sure you have enough lighting to avoid having to sit around in the darkness. You should also prepare some tunes to glue everything together and make it one of the most unforgettable days of the season.

There is no better way to celebrate family and everything that it entails than by bringing everyone together for a family BBQ. If you take the time to plan ahead of time and have the necessary gear, you will have a fantastic time.

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