Storage Options For Smaller Spaces

Organizing small spaces can be one of the most challenging things to do – because when you have a lot of stuff but not a lot of space, it makes everything much more difficult. Making sure all the clutter is controlled is an essential part of ensuring your small space is organized. 

Keeping your intentions at the forefront of your mind during the process and setting goals is going to help massively with how it will all work out. 

The real hero in the story, aside from yourself, is the type of storage that you choose. Caddies, drawers, shelving, back-of-door hanging storage, wall rack for shoes, hooks, and more can all help. 

So let’s check out some top tips for making sure your room is shipshape in no time at all. 

storage options for smaller spaces

Clear it out

The first thing to do is take everything out of the room – for a short while; it is going to make a mess in the rest of the house. But fear not because it is the first step to making sure everything is in order. 

Once everything is cleared out, you can see the space you really have to work with and how you want it to look. Take some time to go through and see what you really need to keep and what you don’t need anymore. Decluttering is a must when it comes to small spaces. 

Consider what the room should be used for because this can significantly affect how you use the storage. If you are short on space in general, then a multi-functional room (but with designated purposes). 

Corner shelving 

We often miss out on using the corners of the room, but they can be some of the best places to store items. Floating corner shelves make sure that you get even more use from the area – and you can have them close to each other if you want to. 

Shelving like this works great for books, nick-nacks, and other smaller items that you want to keep but need a better place for. 

Utility carts

Utility carts can come in ultra slim form, meaning they fit between drawers and desks and can hold so much. What’s more, is that they will work in just about any room in your home with ease. They often come with wheels, too, making them perfect for storing things you need regularly but not every day. 

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks take up hardly any space and are ideal for things like necklaces, rings, belts, and bags too. Although bags can quickly get bulky, if you need bag storage, opt for hanging up only flatter, thinner handbags. 

If you don’t want to screw or nail things into the wall, strong sticky pads can work if the hooks aren’t too heavy. 


Doors are an incredible source of vertical storage and work for almost anything. Just like utility carts, door hangers and shelving units can hold a lot. Since they use the top of the door as support, they can carry quite a weight. They come in a lot of different styles, so you’ll find one that meets the aesthetic that you want. 

Drawer Organizers

If you have managed to check out The Home Edit and Marie Kondo, you’ll notice that it isn’t just the ample storage. You’ll see that they make the most of smaller spaces, too – jars, drawer organizers, and even how you fold things. 

Drawer organizers come in a lot of different styles – although most of us are used to the type we put in utensil drawers. The X-shaped drawer organizers can help you to pack away small items like socks, pens, underwear, and small accessories. 

Marie Kondo’s folding technique can help massively with making the most out of drawers. 

High up shelving

Where ever possible, look up! For the books you can’t bear to part with, or bags you don’t often use, even seasonal decoration up high works wonderfully. It’s not just about storing a few things that you don’t use often; it is because it frees up a lot of the space on the walls below and will stop you from bumping into things. 

An often overlooked area is over the door. This is a great space to use that would otherwise be completely wasted! 

storage options for smaller spaces


Pegboards look incredible and offer more than just a regular corkboard. They can help you hang things, organize things, and make the most of vertical spaces.

Stripped-back clothing racks  

This can be really tough because wardrobes do make clothing look neat and packed away. However, they take up a lot of space. Stripped-back clothing racks can often be a better option for small spaces. 

It is crucial that if you are choosing to use clothing racks, you curate exactly what is on there and what isn’t. 

Stackable boxes

Clear stackable bins from any cheaper homeware stores are incredible. If you store clothing for different seasons or you have to keep hold of business files, products, or more – these bins are the perfect solution. 

Small closet spaces can make storing clothing challenging, but these can help expand your space. Use the rolling method so that you can store more in each bin than if they were folded and stacked up. 

Fold-out desk 

A folding desk can be the perfect option if you need some space that is suitable for work but doesn’t have the space for a full desk. They fold almost flat against the wall but are strong enough to hold a laptop and other stationery. Pair it with a fold-down chair so that you only have office space when and if you need it. 

If it is not just a small room you have but an entire apartment or home that is pretty small, then you know that even a small amount of clutter can be a nightmare. So here are some of the tips that you need to help you get every room in order: Five Tips To Utilize A Small Home

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