Loving Pups: Best Ways To Bond With Your Dog

loving pups: best ways to bond with your dog
Loving Pups: Best Ways To Bond With Your Dog

The relationship between a dog and a pet parent is uniquely beautiful. At times, feeling close to our pooches can be challenging since we cannot verbally communicate with one another. However, many amazing ways to bond with your dog exist, such as playing together, learning their language, co-sleeping, and being reliable. Check out the information below to grow closer to your pup!

Play Together

Nothing tops a few rounds of fetch or a tug-of-war match in a dog’s world. Playing with your pup helps them burn off energy, socialize with you, and engage their mind. You could also go for walks or teach your dog some new tricks as you dedicate time together.

Play hide-and-seek with your pup if a walk or the standard canine games sound boring! Have them sit and stay while you run to hide. Once you have a spot, call their name so they can track you down.

Learn Their Language

Although canines can’t verbalize things to us, they constantly communicate through other methods, such as body language. Expanding your understanding of dog behavior makes it easier for you to know what your pooch wants. While there may be moments you want to pet your dog, they may shy away; this is their way of saying, “Please don’t touch me.” Ignoring this behavior can leave your pup agitated, and some might make a warning growl to ask their owner to back off.


Dogs are pack animals, so most want to sleep near their owners. Knowing this makes it easier to decide where you should place dog beds at homeMoreover, many owners have multiple beds they place in various areas, such as the family room and bedroom. This way, your pooch feels safe and near you anytime they want to rest.

A Bonus

Ensuring your dog feels bonded to you also helps make training easier. Dogs are more likely to obey commands if they trust their human companion.

Be Reliable

Our pups don’t always understand what’s happening in the world, and a sudden change in the daily schedule can make them anxious. Strive to do key tasks, such as feeding your dog and going for walks, around the same time each day.

Enjoy Life Together

One of the best ways to bond with your dog is to avoid overthinking it. Your pup will more than likely love you unconditionally if you play with them often, take great care of them, and respect their boundaries. Generally, dogs that love their owners follow them, are always happy to see them, and may gaze at them adoringly.

Building bonds can take time, and every canine is different. Avoid forcing affection or playtime if your dog doesn’t want it, and give them a good cuddle when they come looking for it. By showing your dog you love them, building a life-long connection comes more naturally.  

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