How To Add More Color To Your Garden To Boost Your Mood

Your garden is a wonderful space to relax in and often enough, getting outside in nature can be a real mood-booster for everyone in your home. Adding color though is something that requires an effort from yourself. Simply planting flowers haphazardly might not provide the right results you’re after when it comes to decorating your garden.

With that being said, here are some tips to add more color to your garden that will help boost your mood every time you step outdoors.

how to add more color to your garden to boost your mood

Add in colorful plants and flowers

When it comes to adding plants and flowers to the space, you definitely want to add plenty of color. That means being selective when it comes to adding them into the space. It’s all about choosing colors that go together and that the placement of the seeds you plant, ends up creating a real color wheel across the entirety of your garden.

If you love specific colors, you might want to opt for colors that are more your preference rather than trying to create a rainbow effect across your garden. For example, this autumn blaze maple is a great addition if you love the color red or autumnal colors in general.

Paint your fencing

If you’re looking to improve your garden’s color palette, then consider painting your fencing. If it’s fencing that’s never been painted before or it’s perhaps faded over time, then paint is a great way to add color to the space.

Remember to select colored paints that are going to be weather-resistant and are going to be suitable for the type of material that your fencing is made out of. The last thing you want to do is spend all that time and money painting the fencing, for it to only be needing a repaint six months later.

Add colorful soft furnishings to your exterior furniture

Soft furnishings are a great addition to add to your outdoor space. Ideally, you want the soft furnishings to be waterproof. If it’s not waterproof, then you’ll need to make sure you’ve got appropriate storage that will keep these soft furnishings dry.

There are plenty of designs and styles that you could always invest in when it comes to different seasons throughout the year. It’s worth having soft furnishings you can easily unzip and replace with new covers as and when you want to change them.

Incorporate different textures into your garden

Textures are a great way to add color to your garden space. Forget just using lawn grass and stones. Expand your knowledge of materials used to decorate a garden space and start incorporating more of it into the space when you can. For example, wood bark is great for adding to the space.

Add outdoor lighting

Finally, to help elevate your exterior space even further, think about adding outdoor lighting. From fairy lights to colored LED lighting, this can really help transform the space.

Adding more color is a great way to enjoy your garden even more so, whether it’s in the height of summer or during late evenings in the winter.

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