This is Why I Love No Yolks Noodles

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#noyolks does delicious like #noothernoodle #icI was 15 when the doctor told me I had high cholesterol. 15 years old, people! You don’t think of high cholesterol as an issue when you’re young, much less a teenager. I like to blame my grandmother, a country raised grandmother who believed everything should be fried. There was nothing healthy about how she cooked. After finding out I had high cholesterol I knew things were going to change. I knew I was going to have to cut way back on some of my favorite foods.

no yolks broad noodles

That’s around the time I was introduced to No Yolks Egg White Noodles. I’ve always been a noodle fan and most regular noodles come with cholesterol. No Yolks, however, is cholesterol-free! Plus, No Yolks is low in sodium and fat too. They’re the healthier noodle that can be used for anything. I don’t want to be all mushy and stuff, but they kinda saved my life. I actually still prefer No Yolks noodles to other noodles – they’re more satisfying and I love the texture.

this is why i love no yolks noodlesno yolksNoodle dishes became a regular part of life, but it was rarely the same meal twice. My favorite food before the cholesterol issue came up was lasagna. I always got a special one since I didn’t eat onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, or peppers and the thought of not having it again upset me a bit. My mom played around and made the best lasagna ever using No Yolks Egg Noodles. I actually made it again the other night. I still don’t eat the nasties (that’s what I call them) so I make my own sauce. Besides that, this one was a little different from what my mom makes, but still somehow the same.

Besides the health benefits, No Yolks are high-quality noodles and they cook up and stay smooth, firm, and fluffy with any recipe.  I’ve been known to eat them plain after cooking them or just tossing in some steamed veggies and spritzing with lemon. They’re just that good, and they never disappoint.

this is why i love no yolks noodles

No Yolks noodles work in so many dishes beyond the traditional stroganoff and casseroles. Thanks to the variety of cuts (like stir fry, dumplings, kluski and broad), you can use No Yolks Noodles to make extraordinary dishes like Sriracha Cheesy Noodles and Noodles with Kale and Walnut Pesto. There are delicious Miso and French Onion soup recipes (plus more No Yolks recipes) on the No Yolks website, so check them out. Next time you’re at the market, be sure to stock up on No Yolks noodles, you’re going to love the kitchen adventures.

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  1. Those French onion soup noodle bowls sound really good. I’ve never tried onion soup with noodles in it before but I can’t believe I never thought of it. Definitely a must try.

  2. We absolutely love No Yolks and use them all the time. Most of the time we just serve them plain as a side dish (they’re that good!) but this looks really delicious too. We’ll have to try it.

  3. Yum I’ve never tried these before. I would love to give them a try, think it would be a nice change for our family!

  4. It is true that noodle dishes became a regular part of life. And so this one is really beneficial. I would love to try this awesome noodles.

  5. It’s good to know that there is a product like this! I am a pasta lover and would love to try this! No Yolk Noodles for me means I can eat pasta as long as I want without worries.

  6. No Yolks are always on my shopping list and something I buy just about every shopping trip! I love how versatile they are and use them often for a quick and yummy meal!

  7. Lots of great (and easy) ideas! I love these noodles with just butter and fresh thyme, with a dash of salt. So easy and a great way to use up the thyme in my garden.

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