Topeakmart Puppy Playpen (8 Panel)

Why you need a puppy playpen!

Puppies are a natural dopamine boost. When you see them it’s nearly impossible to hold in the squeals of excitement and the “aww😍ww!”‘s. It’s incredibly exciting to have a houseful of adorable puppies. At least until the reality sets in and you realize you have a houseful of puppies. Puppies who will use the bathroom anywhere and everywhere. And puppies who will chew and destroy anything and everything. And puppies who will find themselves under your feet at the most inopportune times if they’re not in a puppy playpen.


I had that realization 20 seconds after Chloe’s six puppies started crawling off of their bed and around the living room. One week old and these adorable puppies were giving me the worst anxiety! What if I put the recliner down and one of them was under it? What if I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and stepped on one? So many what if’s and so many nights of holding it in. I needed a solution. A miracle. I needed the 8 panel Topeakmart Puppy Playpen.

topeakmart puppy playpen

About Topeakmart 

Topeakmart is your reliable online destination for shopping pet supply.  

Born in 2020, Topeakmart is committed to providing all pet lovers with good quality supplies at a competitive price. We love pets just like you, so we care about all details from the designing process to the moment you receive the product. Helping our customers raise pets easier and making pets live a happier life will be our pursuit all the time. 

At present, we mainly supply dog playpens, cat trees and birdcages, and we will continue to expand our product range to provide pets with more comfort and pet owners with more convenience. 

Puppy Playpen Setup

topeakmart 8 panel puppy playpen review

I immediately opened the Puppy Playpen box and started putting it together. It took about 15 minutes on my own to assemble the 8 panel puppy playpen. It was as simple as lining up the panels and securing them with the included metal stakes (that look like skewers). The pen can be in a number of shapes, including a hexagon, square, or rectangle.

Immediately I was impressed. The playpen is bigger than I expected, but not so big it’s cumbersome. It’s just right.

topeakmart 8 panel puppy playpen with dogs

I moved the puppy bedding inside followed by the puppies. I left the door open and Chloe easily hopped in behind her babies. The door is elevated enough that the puppies can’t get out but Chloe can come and go as she wants.

Indoor/Outdoor Use Puppy Playpen

The puppies are coming up on 3 weeks, which from what I read, is when they really start moving around. Once they hit the 4 week mark I plan on taking them outside for some fresh air in the pet friendly garden. I can take down and set up the playpen in less than 30 minutes.

topeakmart 8 panel puppy playpen review

The Puppy Playpen name is a little misleading. Sure, it’s great for keeping puppies safe, but it’s also perfect for older dogs too! I’ve been able to let Chloe and Charlie stay outside unleashed which gives me a much needed break. They have plenty of room to play and roam and still have the safety of a sturdy, safe pen. This is especially great since I’ve still not put up the fence I’ve been meaning to put up since before summer.

puppy in topeakmart 8 panel puppy playpen

Everyday Use

My fur kids love to be outside, especially if I go out. Bringing them out before kind of defeated the purpose of me going out. I couldn’t do what I went out to do. Now I can because they’re beyond content in the puppy playpen. I can mow the lawn, work in the garden, decorate, or anything else without feeling guilty about them being stuck inside.

puppy in topeakmart 8 panel puppy playpen

The Topeakmart Puppy Playpen is made of rust resistant metal so it’s going to last for years to come. Being able to move it outdoors and back indoors whenever makes it even better. I’m extremely happy with this addition and believe it to be a pet parent’s must have. Head over to Topeakmart now for a Puppy Playpen that fits your needs. They have many to choose from!

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