Top Tips To Prepare Your House For Selling

There comes a time in some people’s life when they need a change and want to move on in their lives. This is when you would be looking to sell your house and move on to places new, this is not always easy though.

Some people might think that selling a house is simple and quick, and for some, it can be. However, there are times when it can be a real struggle to get the house sold. 

If you are looking to sell your house and you are struggling or do not want to struggle, then these few tips should help. They will outline what changes you can make to your home inside and out to make selling a better prospect and interest more buyers.

top tips to prepare your house for selling

Update Your Curb Appeal

One of the first things that are going to attract people to your home is the look of it when passing by. The outside of your home is what is going to attract people when they arrive to view it, so starting on the right foot is paramount for them going on to view the rest of the home. 

To get started on updating your curb appeal you should tidy up any front gardens you may have. This can be done by trimming the lawn, pulling out any weeds and trimming back any wild edges to the lawn. This will make your garden look neat and tidy and nicer to look at. You can also add in some flowers or a lawn ornament if you want to add an extra touch. 

Should you have a path leading to the front of your house then you should clean the path, make sure it is weeded and then line it with a little fence or some potted plants to make it look more inviting, as if you are guiding them into your home. This then leads you to the entrance, maybe think about updating your door with a lick of paint and having a welcoming doormat at the entrance. These little touches can help to increase the curb appeal and make your home seem more inviting. 

Tidy Up Your Garden

When it comes to making your home look nice, some people can forget about the garden. A lot of people when looking to buy a new house want a nice garden, so making it look tidy for them to see is important to help them feel they can move in without much maintenance on the garden to be done. 

You do not have to do anything drastic with the garden like putting plants and flowers in as you will only have to move with them when you sell. However, mowing the lawn, tidying up any toys or dog things left should you have them, and weeding the garden are all going to help. These are simple things that can make a big difference when they come to view your home.

Make Household Repairs

Living in a house especially if you have children is going to mean some wear and tear in places. This is normal and fine but make sure these things are repaired or touched up to make the home ready to sell. The buyer does not want to walk in and see lots of little things they need to do when they move in. 

So if there are marks on the walls or little damaged spots then paint over them and fill them in to make the home look more complete. If you have any major damages, such as to your drywall, maybe from putting up shelves or trying to make changes to the house. Call in drywall repair services to ensure it is repaired properly, if you try to cover it up poorly and they see it then you may have people pulling out of buying the house. 

Have The House Checked 

On top of making any repairs, you should have your house checked over for any issues that can be pointed out at sale or dealt with by yourself. You should have an electrician and plumber come in and check everything is working soundly and whether there is any probable chance of failure from anything in the home. This allows you to compile a list that you can give to the potential buyer so they know there are no surprises around the corner. This can also help you with your valuation if you have the problems sorted.

Usually when selling or buying a home getting a professional report is required as standard so this is something you should look to do regardless. That is why trying to hide anything is futile, as the potential buyer could get a check and the issues located anyway and you look worse off for it.

Decorate Your Home

Even though you are selling your home do not be scared to invest a little time and money into it. You will likely see that returned in the evaluation and the price you get for the home when an offer is put in. A simple lick of paint here or there and some new wallpaper can make all the difference. Do not worry about any furniture or anything like that as this will not matter to the people looking to buy the house, you should look at changing small things like the walls and ceilings as these are not always going to be something they are going to change. 

If you go over the top, however, like changing the floors to wood or putting in new carpets then you may lose out as this is something they may want to change. If you do choose to paint then neutral colours are going to be more beneficial as potential buyers may not like certain colours. Creams and whites though are easier to see as a canvas that they can add to and rather than colours they may be put off.

If you are struggling to sell your home or just starting out selling and want to get a head start before listing. Then these few tips should help you to gain more success in selling your home and get you more interest from potential buyers. 

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