Top Tips for Moving Efficiently

It’s exciting but it’s stressful and yet moving house is something we all inevitably do at least once or twice. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think it is. The number of people who move home or business every year is growing as we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis. 

Homes are being put up for auction and people are moving into rentals or they’re moving out of the area entirely. If you are currently looking at moving home, these tips below will help you to make it a smooth experience and one that isn’t too full of stress.

top tips for moving efficiently

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  • Book a removal company. Researching and booking a removal company with plenty of notice is one of the easiest ways to make a move stress free. Companies such as North American Van Lines are there to help you to move from one location to another, whether you are moving across the country or you’re simply moving down the road. Whether you are moving your home or you are moving your commercial premises, you need to consider that having a removal company do it for you is going to mean that you are covered with insurance in case of breakage.
  • Start early. If you have a moving date in place, getting packed as early as possible with the least used rooms is going to help you to get a jump start. You won’t be packing the things you constantly need, but you will be making good progress when getting ready for that move. Rooms like the guest bedroom are a great way to begin when it comes to preparing to move house and finishing up with the kitchen is also a smart idea. When you get the least used rooms packed, you can get them cleaned and closed off early so nobody uses those spaces while you are trying to do the rest of the house.
  • Label your boxes. It sounds like an obvious thing to do, but if you don’t label your boxes then the removal company will not know which rooms to put them in. You need to use strong repair tape to seal the boxes so that no disasters occur when you are moving. This makes it far easier when it comes to finding and unpacking everything.
  • Prepare a removal day Survival kit. Usually, this is the last box you will pack. It will have your Wi-Fi box and your kettle and toaster available to you so that you can make drinks and you can connect to the Internet the second you get to the new house. This Survival kit should also come with tools to put the furniture back together, and all of the screws that you need.

Moving to a new property is supposed to be an adventure and you can make it so with our tips. All you need for a smooth move is careful planning and now you know where to begin!

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