The Bubblery Handmade Luxury Soaps Review

If you love to give handmade gifts but lack the creativity or time to do it yourself I have a great resource for you. The Bubblery offers a huge selection of handcrafted goat’s milk soaps and other beauty & bath products. Everything is made to order, not in advance, which I find truly amazing especially when you factor in their unbeatable prices.

the bubblery handmade luxury soaps review

The Bubblery sent me a goodie box full of soaps to try and review and I was instantly in love. Before I even opened the box wonderful smells wafted through the cracks. It was an amazing blend of floral, spicy, and holiday-inspired scents.

the bubblery handmade luxury soaps review

One of the first things aside from the smell that I look for in soap is the lather. I like a rich, creamy lather when I use soap so I gauge my opinion on that.

The Bubblery soaps lather amazingly well. Rich and thick, just like I like it! Even better it rinsed away clean without leaving my hands feeling like they’re covered in soap residue. They also leave behind delicious scents that are subtle but noticeable.

My grandmother has always used luxury soaps to keep her clothes and linens smelling fresh so she asked me for a couple of bars for her drawers. The scents last for a very long time, as she’s had them in her drawers for about a month and you can still smell the soaps.

the bubblery handmade luxury soaps review

Another thing my grandmother did was shave some of the soaps and put them in an oil warmer. I was a little leery about this at first since they are meant for oils, but oh my goodness! Words can’t describe the amazingness that comes from heating the soap shavings up. It fills the house with incredible luxury scents.

the bubblery handmade luxury soaps review

Besides their handcrafted goat’s milk soaps The Bubblery also offers shampoos, lotions, sugar scrubs, men’s products, and more. Each product is available in a number of scents and the prices are beyond affordable.

Buy The Bubblery Handmade Luxury Soaps

You can shop their products on The Bubblery website and if you’re in the Leavenworth, WA area you can visit the shop on 9th street.

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  1. Omg hand crafted soaps are the best!!! We have a farmers market here during the warmer months and I’m always buying hand crafted soap!

  2. I love using handcrafted soaps! I usually but them at a local natural health store, but I’ll definitely have to check this company out. Fantastic review!

  3. This goat’s milk soap looks amazing! I love buying handmade soap. I am clicking to the website and ordering a few for birthday gifts this month.

  4. Making soap is a fun way to give a personal gift. I will have to make some this year. I still have all my supplies from last time.

  5. Wow I want to try all of these but the pumpkin one is really calling my name. I have always wanted to make handmade soaps but still have not got around to it, I have to get some of these!

  6. I love this kind of soap. Anything handmade for the body is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing this gem.

  7. The Bbblery handmade luxury soaps sound amazing and I will have to check them out. I love homemade products like this and It is awesome they offer more than just soaps two. Thanks for sharing the great review and shop.

  8. Oh my mom would love these for Christmas! She use to buy locally but the woman stopped making them and she’s been looking for quality ones since. Bookmarking to purchase later!

  9. Hand-made items are always love! I feel extra-special whenever I receive hand-made presents because I know that a lot of time and effort were put to it. So these bath soaps certainly make perfect presents. I love their packaging, too!

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