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husky from ezvizWith the holidays rolling around a lot of people are shopping online and anxiously awaiting the deliveries to their door. There are also those people who take this time of year to the bank, literally. There are lots of creeps and cretins out there who can’t wait to see unattended packages sitting on a doorstep so they can grab it and go. It sucks to believe that, but it’s true. It’s kind of like the zombie apocalypse out there, but instead of craving brains, these folks are craving a rush. A few years ago, my home was robbed on Christmas Eve. I wasn’t home, thankfully, but it left a sense of uneasiness inside me, nonetheless.

No one should feel scared in their home. Home is a place of sanctuary and refuge from the cruelty of the world outside. When that feeling gets taken away and replaced with fear you start to lose yourself. For me, it was depression and not wanting to leave my house. I slept with a knife by the bed and jumped at every noise for a while, but I didn’t want to leave my home. Eventually, I reclaimed my sense of self but I’ll never trust in humanity like I used to, but I don’t sit around with dread or fear weighing on me either.

husky from ezviz

Something that really helps is a security camera. If something does happen you’ll have proof*, and even if it doesn’t you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can watch what’s happening at home, even when you’re not there. Right now I have a Husky Wi-Fi camera, provided for editorial purposes, by Ezviz set up on the front porch where I can see anyone who comes in the yard. Getting the camera installed and set up was pretty straightforward.

ezviz huskyIt comes with a drill guide so everything lines up right and the included directions are easy enough to follow. You do need a cell phone to set up the wifi on the camera via the Ezviz app. You can set the camera up with PoE (power over ethernet) if you prefer, but I wouldn’t suggest that method; mainly because if you don’t already have the wires/adapters, it’s a headache. Once you have the app, adding the camera to your network is as easy as a few taps and a QR scan.

Ezviz Husky Wi-Fi camera Features

The best thing about this security camera is the quality of the images and videos captured. Everything is crystal clear and vivid, which absolutely amazed me.

The Husky is feature rich, but as with most things, some of these features stand out more than others.

The camera angles are highly adjustable – 180° vertical & 360° horizontal, which makes finding the perfect spot to focus on incredibly easy.

*The Husky comes with a 16GB SD card. The SD slot is protected with 2 screws, so it’s not easy to get it out (that’s a good thing!). You can use your own SD card, up to 128 GB or you can buy the Ezviz Vault separately and enjoy the 1 TB capacity. You can store 7 or 30 days worth of video and store it on the Ezviz CloudPlay for a small monthly charge. This is a great option for making sure your captured video and images are safeguarded from theft and vandalism.

The Ezviz App has a ton of features, settings, and options available to control nearly every aspect of the Husky. I suggest taking a day to get familiar with everything it has to offer and play around to get the optimal results and that peace of mind knowing you can check in on home wherever you may be.

The camera itself is sleek and modern, which is always a good thing.

The Husky is equipped with infrared so nighttime recording is clear up to 100ft.

Husky is dustproof, waterproof and can handle a wide range of temperatures.

ezviz husky camera

Learn More and Buy a Husky

Head over to the Ezviz website to learn more about the Husky Wi-Fi Outdoor camera. You can check out the other cameras and storage options available from Ezviz while you’re there.

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  1. Since I’m home alone with the kids most of the day, this security system would be amazing. The camera would allow me to see who’s at the door when I’m on the 3rd floor of the house.

  2. Wow that is a really cool device to protect your home. It is so important to feel safe and know that your home is looked after!

  3. I have never heard of this brand, but I have something similar after there was an attempted break-in at my home last year. Having security cameras give me a peace of mind, especially when I’m out and about.

  4. Now this is a neat gadget! I’m always worried, with all the break ins anymore, that when we leave, that will be the time when we come back to our home having been ransacked. This is awesome!

  5. If I was not at work, working from home and here almost 24/7 365 I would absolutely demand we have one of these. I may still decide to get one because sometimes I do have to go out of the house.

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