Scentbird Candles Encapsulate Precious Moments

You may have already heard of Scentbird’s monthly subscription service where you get a new 30 day supply of perfume or cologne a month. Scentbird is known for their ability to deliver quality fragrances that are unique and noteworthy. Now they’ve added a new product to their inventory, Scentbird Candles (candles were provided for editorial purposes).

scentbird candles

I’m a major candle lover and am always on the hunt for new scent combinations. Scentbird delivers that in a big way. Each of their new scented candles pairs complementary fragrances that together fill a room with fresh, crisp scents that last for hours. Scentbird’s candles are made with a soy-wax blend and custom formulated fragrances crafted with the highest quality essential oils. A 100% natural cotton wick tops off the candles. They are slow burning, which means they’ll last longer than the average candle. Even when they’re done burning the adorable tin jars can be used for decorative purposes. The whimsical quotes on the back of each tin are definitely centerpiece worthy.

scentbird candles

The candles are 5.6 ounces each with a 40‑hr burn time. Scentbird candles can be purchased individually or by subscription. They are available in 6 room-transforming scents.

  • Rose & Prosecco
  • Earl Grey & Blackberry
  • Cucumber & Lotus
  • Vanilla Bean & Heliotrope
  • Siberian Fir & Cedarwood
  • Pineapple & White Amber

scentbird candlesIt’s impossible for me to pick a favorite since they are all amazing. The best part, though, is that none of them are overpowering. I am sensitive to many smells and none of these bothered me in the least. Not even the Siberian Fir & Cedarwood which would normally leave me with a pounding headache. Instead, it’s a mild scent that spreads through the room like vines in the forest.

scentbird candles

I found the Pineapple & White Amber to be the most invigorating of the available scents. Earl Grey & Blackberry is the most relaxing for me and the Earl Grey scent really shines through. Cucumber & Lotus reminds me of my teen years when everything was cucumber melon and the Rose & Prosecco makes me feel luxurious. The Vanilla Bean & Heliotrope candle smells like walking into a bakery and activates my sweet tooth. When I burn multiple candles together it’s like entering into a new universe of sweet smells and unicorns.

scentbird candles

If you’re in the market for high-quality candles without the luxury price tag then head over to the Scentbird website. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how delicious your home smells after just a few minutes of burning one of these candles.

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