Keep Your RV Clean Even When You Have Pets

You would think that living in an RV full-time meant less mess, right? Wrong! It means the mess shows up a lot quicker and if you’re not on top of it, it multiplies! I’ve seen it happen. Having a dog and a cat in an RV, things happen. And by things, I mean tracked in dirt, scattered food bits, loose fur, and other messy accidents that aren’t instantly noticed in a full-size home. 

Living in an RV with pets isn’t unlike living in an RV with small kids. The main difference is you’ve always got to feed and water your pets as well as clean up after them. Yes, some kids are like that too, but they usually go to their room when you tell them to! With animals, it’s usually just a pitiful stare and an outpouring of love that makes you forget why you were ever upset with them. Unless they’re really bad, then they just turn tail and run like in those super cute YouTube videos!

So, how do you keep your RV mess-free when you have pets? Well, there are a few things you can try. Here’s what works for me. 

Keeping Outside Dirt from Getting In (or at least limiting it!)

One steadfast rule I have for any home is that there must always be a doormat on either side of the door. They’re usually pretty good at getting loose dirt off of the bottoms of shoes and paws.

rv door mat for pets

Your pets aren’t exactly going to stop and wipe their feet (unless they’re really well trained) so you need a material that’ll do that for you. I like microfiber for this reason and because it’s great at keeping mud out of the RV.

Keeping Furniture Hair Free 

I never wanted to be one of those people who cover everything in plastic, but I’ve been tempted a few times. Especially during the summer when my pets are shedding up a storm. 

The solution to keeping pet hair off of your furniture is two-fold. The first part involves brushing your pet with a tool that grabs and locks in loose hair. There are a ton on the market so read the reviews and get one that best suits your pet’s coat. The second part is finding seat covers designed for pets. There are so many cute ones available that do the work of plastic without adding the elderly feel. 

Keeping the Floor Food and Fur Free

This is probably one of my biggest issues in our RV. I have messy eaters and they tend to get pet food everywhere. It’s kind of like stepping on legos – you don’t notice them until they’re buried in the bottom of your bare feet. This is another two-part solution that works wonders and cuts cleaning time in half. 

pet food mat in rv

The first part is getting a mat to feed pets on. I bought a regular rubber backed floor mat and it holds everyone’s food perfectly, as well as the water dispenser! Loose food ends up on the mat 99% of the time so I count that as a win. 

The second part of keeping the floor free of food and pet fur is a robotic vacuum. I know a lot of people have avoided them because of the price tag, but I found one that’s just $80 (after the $10 off coupon!) on Amazon!

knox robotic vacuum in an rv

I received a Knox Gear Robotic Vacuum in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.

It’s not going to clean your entire house but it’s perfect for keeping pet hair, loose dirt, and stray bits of pet food picked up. I usually let mine run when we’re out of the house, but if I run it inside it doesn’t freak the animals out like the big vacuum does. They’re actually quite fascinated by it, it’s cute to watch. 

knox robotic vacuum cleaning up after pets in an rv

The Knox robotic vacuum has some nifty features like the HEPA filter and smart sensors that keep it from falling down stairs or ledges. It even comes with a mopping pad and cloth so you can get your floors spic and span once all the little pieces have been sucked up. 

knox robotic vacuum dirt cup

This little robotic vacuum has been such a time saver and stress relief. I don’t have to spend all of my time cleaning up behind my animals so I have more time to spend playing with them and do fun things.

It only takes an hour to fully charge the vacuum, and it runs for 90 minutes (on one charge, can you believe it?! I didn’t until I tested it!!) I still have to vacuum the high pile carpets and sweep/mop the hardwood, but not nearly as often. 

knox robotic vacuum accessories

The Knox robotic vacuum comes with 2 pairs of side brushes and 2 HEPA filters so you won’t run out anytime soon. This is an incredible value and the benefits are truly priceless. Be sure to buy your Knox Robotic Vacuum before the coupon expires! 

What is your #1 tip to keeping your RV clean and tidy when you live with pets?

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