Maximise The Space In A Small Room

British homes are among the smallest in Europe for a variety of reasons. The UK is a heavily populated country compared to some of our European neighbours. Additionally, the absence of a minimum-space standard also contributes to the construction of small properties. 

That being said, not all homes in the UK are small. Yet, if you live in a semi-detached property, you are probably familiar with the infamous 0.5 bedroom, which often feels like punishment to those who sleep in it. Can you reinvent your small bedroom? The answer is yes. You can transform the perception of the room without necessarily increasing the square footage. 

maximise the space in a small room

Plan your storage solution

Clutter is the enemy of every room, but it is especially damaging in a small room. Yet, even in an era of minimalism, rooms still require effective storage solutions, and small rooms more than others. It pays off to take your time planning and measuring your space, so you can gain a real understanding of what is possible. 

There is nothing to gain from rushing through templated solutions. More often than not, a little ingenuity can go a long way, such as:

  • Adapting storage designs by removing the doors from your wardrobe or cupboard
  • Considering vertical solutions
  • Building made-to-measure shelves that fit in awkward corners
  • etc. 

Bring more light in

Dark rooms feel small and oppressive, while the same room with plenty of natural light can seem bigger and inviting. You’re looking at your window and thinking: “I’ve got one of those, now what?”

Now comes the real magic. Simple changes to the window can completely transform the room. Switching to light curtains or blinds can let more light through, for example. 

If the space allows for improvement work, the installation of a skylight can be a great portal for extra light. Some homeowners also opt for aluminium roof lanterns which can bathe even a north-facing room with natural light. 

Add depth to the room

Mirrors are not just for the bathroom. They can reflect the light further into your space and brighten the room. Not every room faces the sun, so adding mirrors at strategic points can help reach into dark corners. 

Besides, a well-placed mirror can imitate a window, changing the focal point in the room. Mirrors create passages where there is nothing, so they can break through the contrived sensation of a narrow space. 

Create a paint trick

Is white always the best colour for a small space? Design experts disagree and refer to smart painting techniques that transform your perception of the space. Colour drenching, for instance, is the process of painting the room in one cohesive colour palette to create a monochromatic stage. With no clear definition of where the wall ends and the ceiling starts, the room can appear bigger. 

Two-tone effects are another popular suggestion to trick the eye. They consist of painting the lower third of the wall in one colour and the rest in another. The colour block result is highly effective at building an airier space. 

Can a small space grow? Unfortunately, you can’t push your walls. But you can ensure that what you put inside them will enhance the available square footage. Storage, light, depth, and colours come together to build a cosy and inviting area. 

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