What You Need to Know Before Buying a Mattress Online

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Mattress Online

Since we spend more time on our beds than on any other piece of furniture in our homes, it only makes sense to invest in a proper, high-quality mattress. There are many mattress brands and products on the market, so choosing amongst them can be a bit tricky. That’s why we need informed reviews to help us decide upon a wise investment.

For instance, if you’re trying to opt between Lull or Layla mattresses, two brands sold exclusively online, you should know a few things before making the purchase. I confess I am a big fan of online shopping, but I also read many reviews on the products I wish to buy. So here’s a list of tips to take into account if you want a good nights sleep.

Sleeping position

You should choose your mattress according to your favorite sleeping position. Read the descriptions of the products and the comments left by users to find out if the bed you wish to buy will suit you.

The Lull mattress has been reviewed as suitable for all types of sleepers, getting high scores when it comes to spinal support and comfort.

The same goes for the Layla mattress, but you should keep in mind that, in the end, appreciations on the matter are subjective. Better try the bed for yourself!

what you need to know before buying a mattress online

Lull Mattress and Layla Mattress Trial period

The best way to try the bed is to take advantage of the trial period that all online mattress retailers offer. Lull grants a 100-night mattress trial period; during that interval, you can return the item anytime if you conclude that it doesn’t meet your sleeping needs and preferences. Wondering, “Where can I try Layla mattress”? Well, Layla offers a 120-night sleep trial for its mattresses, but not under the same conditions.

Warranty and return policy

Lull offers a 10-year limited warranty for its products, while Layla’s warranty is lifetime non-prorated. The warranty is not transferable. When returning a Lull mattress, you get a full refund and free removal services; all returned beds go to charity.

If you read the review of Lull bed here, you’ll find out more details about their return policy. You may also want to read about other users’ Layla mattress return experience.

what you need to know before buying a mattress online

Pros of the online mattress from Lull

The Lull mattresses provide sweet comfort (based on two layers of standard memory foam and gel memory foam) and motion isolation; they make no noise during use and have a low price compared to other brands. In the USA, shipping is free. It is considered a medium-firm bed. Layla can be flipped, and each of its sides offers different firmness levels.

One is rated as medium-soft, the other one stands as merely firm. The mattress components are copper infused and convoluted memory foam. Layla grants good motion isolation, it doesn’t make noises, and it also has a below-average price. In the USA, shipping is free.

Lull Mattress Cons

The Lull mattress is limited to just one firmness option, which may not encourage people to choose it. It also has weak edge support, and customers report off-gassing potential. Plus, reviewers consider that the short history of the company may question the durability of the products.

Customers say weak edge support and off-gassing potential for Layla as well; the brief history of the company also raises questions when it comes to the lifespan of the mattresses. Also, Layla has a mandatory two-week break-in period for the sleep trial.

Considering your preferences and your budget, you can now make an informed choice between the two brands. They both have the advantage of low prices, but the difference consists of those distinct features designed by their manufacturers.

The essential thing is that you can try them before deciding upon their place in your home and life. I also encourage you to give your feedback for others to know about your experience with one mattress or another and to learn from it. It would be highly useful for those just like you, looking for their new bed!

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