Keto Drinks: The Lowdown on Keto Alcohol Beverages + Recipe

Wondering what keto drinks you can indulge in while staying in ketosis? This article breaks down all the keto alcohol beverages you can enjoy while still losing weight in this low-carb lifestyle.

Can you drink adult beverages and still stay in ketosis? Are there any keto-friendly alcoholic beverages?

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Even though some alcoholic beverages are better than others if you want to drink while on the keto diet, it’s a lot better for your keto dieting results to just skip the alcohol altogether. A few reasons why.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol on the Keto Diet

Being tipsy makes you vulnerable to carbohydrate-rich food cravings. It’s much harder to make those keto-friendly choices when your blood-alcohol level is begging for some carbs to soak everything up.

When your body has no carbs to burn, it’s especially easy to get drunk.

Carbs act like a cushion for alcohol in your blood, so when there are very few of them your liver takes a hard hit and you’re basically an instant lightweight no matter how many times you drank everyone else under the table.

Keto dieters tend to develop far worse hangovers than people who eat a typical serving of carbs and other food before heading out to imbibe. It’s often the same kind of drunken nightmare as skipping dinner and then heading out to the bar.

Drinking takes your body out of ketosis and fat-burning mode. Your liver treats alcohol as a toxin and will put all of its efforts into filtering it out of your blood.

While this is happening, your body is unable to focus on burning fat for fuel. So if you’re going out to tie one on, you may as well not be eating keto at all.

Each time you drink, you’re essentially “off” the keto diet. Sure, we all have our weaknesses and we all need to unwind from time to time. But if you’re serious about losing weight by way of the keto diet, you’ll keep happy hour to a minimum.

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Keto Friendly Alcoholic Beverages

Feeling like enjoying a cocktail or adult beverage while doing the keto thing? For ketogenic dieters who still want to drink despite the above reasons to not, here are some low-carb adult beverage choices.

Keep in mind, it’s better to have a few than to get lit and throw the whole diet off.

Here’s a list of keto alcohol beverages to try when you’re feeling like you need a drink or two:

Keto Wine

Flute of Champagne – 1 carb

Dry Red and White Wine – 2 carbs per glass

Typical dry red wines include cabernet, merlot, chianti

Typical dry white wines include chardonnay, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc

Sweet White and Red Wine – 4-5 carbs per glass

Sweet white wines include Riesling

Sweet red wines include muscato, port, sherry and Madeira

Keto Beer

12 oz. of Beer – 13 carbs

Lower-carb beers:

Michelob Ultra – 3 carbs

Miller Lite – 3.2 carbs

Busch Lite – 3.2 carbs

Please keep in mind that beer is made with the very same ingredients as bread, and is notorious for increasing yeast in the body and increasing belly fat. If you’re planning on keeping in ketosis, beer is generally a bad choice.

If you do slip up once in a while and go for a beer (essentially derailing your ketosis effort), at least make some attempt to keep it lower-carb if you can. Be aware, though, that the low-carb beers tend to be rather watery.

Keto Alcohol

Hard Alcohol has Zero Carbs but will get you drunk very quickly since you’re not eating carbs!

Whiskey – 0 carbs

Tequila – 0 carbs

Rum – 0 carbs

Vodka – 0 carbs

Keto Drinks and Cocktail Recipes

Sugar-Free Mojito – made with rum, lime juice, mint and club soda. Add Swerve keto-friendly sweetener if you fancy that simple syrup taste.

Martini  – 0 carbs. Made with gin and vermouth, olives

Low-Carb Moscow Mule: Diet ginger beer, lime, vodka, ice

“Skinny bitch” – vodka, club soda, lime, served in a tall glass

Low-carb Bloody Mary – V8, vodka, horseradish, lime juice, Worcestershire, black pepper, hot sauce

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