Keto Diet and CBD: How the Two Complement Each Other

If you are interested in improving your overall health and wellbeing, switching to the Keto diet has been found to help you achieve this goal if you no longer enjoy sticking to a more typical dietary plan. The same can also be said of CBD, which complements the type of alternative outlook that people who follow Keto dietary plans already readily embrace.

On both topics, there’s plenty of anecdotal reports about the effectiveness of the Keto diet, along with the health benefits, including pain reduction for people who use CBD in their everyday life too.

In this article, we look at how the Keto diet and CBD provide complementary benefits.

Keto 101

ketoA ketogenic diet (shortened to Keto) is a different eating plan which has its focus on a rough mix of 70 percent fat, 25 percent protein, and 0-5% of carbohydrates. The mix is designed to resolve a variety dietary and body functioning issues by putting the body into a state of ketosis where after a time adjusting, the body switches to burning fat for energy rather than using glucose from carbohydrates.

When the metabolic state known as ketosis is reached, the body strips fat from the body’s cells and moves them so that the liver can produce ketones. These ketones are then used to fuel to the body instead of glucose.

Typically, the Keto diet provides more even energy during the day, which avoids blood sugar acting like a yo-yo. The diet is found to be positive for managing epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and can prevent cancer according to some medical studies too.

CBD 101

cbd oilCBD is derived from cannabis but is not psychotropic. The cannabinoid is stripped out and produced as a CBD product. These can be oil-based, as a CBD vapor for smoking or as an edible. CBD is essentially similar to hemp. The THC levels – which provides the psychotropic response – is not included in commercial CBD products.

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CBD and Keto: A Potent Mix?

Both Keto and CBD are used by people who are interested in the benefits derived from their use.

In the case of Keto, the adjusted eating plan often offers a balance of energy over time, a move away from common meal plans and a more efficient calorie burning effect.

With CBD, there’s a range of health benefits to its use. These include a reduction in various symptoms such as epilepsy, inflammation, pain relief, and an overall improvement to health and wellness.

Cancer and Keto/CBD

There have been various medical studies that confirm links between treatment for cancer and being on a Keto diet. One in 2007 confirmed that brain cancer benefits because tumor cells need glucose for growth, which a Keto diet lacks. Ketones did not cause cells to grow.

Also, CBD was shown in a 2011 research paper to be beneficial in breast cancer cases where a molecule present in the body when taking CBD resulted in cancer cell death.

Inflammation and Keto/CBD

arthritisThe Keto diet was found in 2015 to have anti-inflammatory properties. The resulting reduced stiffness and swelling often results in pain relief for the person sticking to a Keto eating plan.

Similarly, it’s widely understood and confirmed in a 2015 research paper that the anti-inflammatory properties when taking CBD help is positive for various types of inflammation, arthritis, and lung damage.

It’s clear there are some good synergies with Keto diets and taking CBD. For people who are interested in either Keto diets or CBD, often the proof is in trying them out and seeing the results for themselves. Only this way can anyone know for sure how it will benefit their own health.

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