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Caring for an aging parent or family member is a full-time job. You make sure they’re fed, bathed, that they take their medicine as prescribed and that they are staying as healthy and active as is allowable. Among everything else you try to make sure they are safe and happy and that they make the most out of their time. That’s how it is for me and my grandmother at least.

911 help now

One thing I’ve learned when you’re caring for the elderly is that they don’t want to feel like they’re being cared for. They love that you’re there for them, but it’s not so great feeling like you can’t take care of yourself, or anyone else, anymore. They crave their independence much like young teenagers, so there has to be a way to compromise.

911 help nowMy grandmother and I were recently introduced to the 911 Help Now pendant (we were sent the device for review purposes). It’s a brilliant device that gives me peace of mind and gives my grandmother some privacy and time to do things she likes, like going for walks and working outside.

The device has one button that connects you to the nearest 911 operator when pressed. Coverage is available anywhere there is cell service and uses triple AAA  batteries as a power source. The device is splash resistant and best of all, there are no hidden fees or monthly costs. More features include:

  • 2-way voice communication
  • the ability to change the batteries
  • no contracts
  • one year standby time
  • an included lanyard/belt clip

911 help now911 Help Now is small enough that it can be taken anywhere, and that’s the entire purpose. Anything can happen, at any time, in any place. I want my grandmother to be able to get help when she needs it and this makes sure she can.

The 911 Help Now website offers a feature comparison and a price comparison with other mobile medical alert systems. The difference is amazing and you’ll need to check that out for yourself. Let’s just say if it were a contest, 911 Help Now would be the clear winner.

911 help nowOne of my biggest fears is that my grandmother will be unable to talk, for any reason, or give her location in case of an emergency. When I mentioned this to the company I was relieved and completely sold by the response. The 911 Help Now device has a 911 cell triangulation ability. In various cases, this will let 911 operators find where the distress signal is coming from. Of course, this depends on the location and the local 911 center capabilities, but it is a reassurance.

If you care for an elderly family member, or just want to add peace of mind when you or your loved ones are out, learn more about 911 Help Now and see how it can help you get that peace of mind that is so rare these days.

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