How to Start Your Own Jewelry Business

When it comes to finding a satisfying hobby that is as beautiful as it is exciting, few pastimes compare to jewelry making. Being a bona fide DIY-er may seem like a mere hobby reserved for post-work evenings, but when you’ve got a serious eye for beauty and the drive to turn your prettiest creations into lucrative income, making jewelry can be much more than an activity you do in your spare time.

Starting up your own jewelry business is an exciting venture that many DIY-ers like yourself dive into each and every year. Competitive as the market may be, the opportunities to succeed are limitless when you bring your unique creative flair into your creations. Using these seven tips, starting your own jewelry business is a mission far less complicated than you could have ever imagined!

1. Figure out and write down your goals

Think of this first step as creating your mission statement. One of the biggest mistakes ambitious entrepreneurs make is forgoing the early establishment process in favor of kicking production into high-gear. When you lose sight of your ultimate goal(s), it’s easy to get lost in the mix of things. This can result in low motivation and misplaced priorities.

how to start your own jewelry business

When determining your short-term and long-term goals, you’re effectively carving out a pathway to success. Writing it down works to solidify it. Post your goals where you can always see them to make sure you never lose sight of your end-goal.

2. Set a budget for your signature designs

Budgeting for materials, marketing, and labor are all crucial facets to consider before nose-diving into your dream business. How much will it cost you to stock up on urethane resin? How much will delivery costs run you? Ask yourself every single financial question there is to make sure you’ve got your bases covered.

Once you’ve figured out a solid budget, the next best thing you can do for yourself is stick to your plan!

3. Find your niche

So, what kind of jewelry do you want to make? Handmade gemstone rings? Coin earrings and necklaces? Seashell anklets? Halloween themed bracelets? Whatever your specialty is, capitalize on it. The jewelry market is incredibly deep. Offering a wide selection of several niche styles is an expensive and confusing endeavor. Start small and start specialized.

4. Register a unique business name

Aside from your unique jewelry, how else will you stand out from the competition? The easiest, most straightforward answer is your business name! Conjure up a business name that beautifully reflects your creativity, style, and your target audience. Choose a name that’s memorable and unlike any other jewelry business’ name. Take your time when brainstorming a name, your business name will be difficult to change down the road.

5. Take your business online

The digital age has presented small, medium, and big business with endless opportunities on the internet. Once you’ve got a decent inventory, a business name you’re proud of, and a sense of readiness to hit the ground running, it’s time to take your genius to the World Wide Web.

how to start your own jewelry business

Create your own website where transactions can be processed easily. Some of the most popular site creation builders available for free or a small fee are:

  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Etsy

6. Utilize social media

Everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram these days— it’s inevitable! Social media is an excellent way to connect with your closest friends and family or potential clients from all around the globe. Instagram and Facebook are the best options for the aspiring jewelry business owner. Since they’re so photo-heavy, you’ll be able to showcase your craftsmanship to all of your loyal followers, fans, and friends.

7. Invest in a quality camera

People want to know exactly what they’re buying—and what better way to show them than with high-quality photography? The better quality photos you’re able to take, the more invested your clients will be. Just like you, they want to see how glittery that labradorite ring is in the sunshine! Putting some side cash toward a nice DSLR camera ensures every snap is a masterpiece ready for social media publishing!

Turning a hobby into a money-making business has never been so painless! Looking to start your own jewelry business? Let us know if you found any of these tips useful! Have more insight to offer? Open up the discussion in the comments below!

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