How to Handle Thinning Hair

The first morning that you wake up to find a significant amount of hair on your pillow is a day of mixed emotions. If you’re like me then you don’t worry too much at first. After all, you have plenty left. And then you notice it’s happening more often. Your hair isn’t as thick and lush as it once was and you regret complaining about it. Thinning hair in women can lead to self-esteem issues and possibly depression. The good news is that you have options.

how to handle thinning hair

The first course of action when you notice your hair is thinning is to find the cause.

Heredity, age, and hormones are the primary causes of thinning hair.

If you have a substantial amount of hair loss, you will want to talk to your doctor to be sure there isn’t an underlying cause (like a thyroid condition, cancer, or anemia).

If and when you get the all clear you should take a look at your diet. Lack of proper nutrition can certainly cause a noticeable amount of hair loss. The 3 key vitamins for healthy hair are

  • Vitamin B7 (vitamin H, Biotin) – found in: avocados, eggs, wheat bran, salmon, almonds, leafy greens
  • Vitamin C – found in: oranges, kale, red peppers, strawberries, guava, brussels sprouts
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) – found in: peanuts, turkey, mushrooms, liver, tuna, green peas

Talk to your stylist/local beautician for their expert advice. They can make suggestions for the best products for your hair type. If you don’t trust them to not try to push ever expensive product in the salon on you then you can do your own research. Do a quick Google search for “best products for thinning hair“, or something similar. Your stylist can also suggest hair cuts and styles that will conceal your thinning hair.

If you can, try to limit the use of heated styling tools like blow dryers and flat irons for a while. If you must use these tools then be sure you’re using a product that protects your hair. Regular deep conditionings may help too.

In the meantime, there are products on the market that work wonders for thinning hair. There are extensions available that won’t cause damage to your hair so if you choose this option then do your research. Many clip-ins pull on your hair and can cause thinning and breakage.

Toppik (which I received a sample of to try) is a non-permanent, non-invasive product that allows you to shake your way to thicker hair. The secret is the hair building fibers that are made of colored keratin protein. The fibers blend with your existing hair to give the appearance of naturally thick, full hair.

toppik hair building fibers

These hair building fibers resist the elements, wind, rain, and even sweat, to give you long-lasting results. Toppik Hair Building Fibers come in 9 shades that you can mix to match nearly any hair color. The best part is that these fibers work with all hair types and textures.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers can also be used to minimize part lines and to cover extension tracks. Another use is as a root touch up in between colorings. The fibers easily wash out with shampoo and can be applied as often as necessary.

Using Toppik Hair Building Fibers is easy. Just remove the cap, shake liberally onto the desired area(s), and gently pat to distribute the fibers. After that you just style your hair as you normally would and go! *Be sure you’re using the product on dry hair.

You can get Toppik Hair Building Fibers from, prices range from $7.95 t0 $79.95.

The most important thing to do when you notice your hair is thinning is to stay positive and know you’re not alone. You’re beautiful, no matter how much hair you have and no matter what’s going on, you have options. Don’t let thinning hair hold you back.

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