How to Fill Your Home with Love

With modern life getting in the way, you can sometimes forget to fill your home with love and respect. This encourages happiness, and kids from happy homes are likely to do better.

fill your home with love

Get a New Friend for All the Family

Whether you have children or not, sometimes a new addition is needed. Getting a pet like a cat or a dog is a big responsibility. However, they can bring a family together like nothing else. Pets are a great way to teach children about compassionate care and responsibility. But they’re also excellent as support animals for increasing social welfare and overall happiness. Some breeds, such as the Havanese puppies, are very popular and criminals or bad breeders take advantage of this. So try to get a puppy or dog from licensed and reputable breeders like Kerris Havanese.

Actively Nurture Your Family

Taking an active role in the lives of your family is one of the single best ways to promote love and care. All too often, we can let individual family members get on with their own lives without taking much interest. But even small things can help bring your family together. For example, asking your kids or partner about their day at school or work encourages sharing of personal issues. These could be struggling with homework or stress at work. Unfortunately, most people keep these to themselves. So you don’t know if you don’t ask. And therefore, cannot help.

Fill Your Home with Love Doing Family Activities

Families with young children spend around 9% more time together. However, that figure is pretty low, and the stats aren’t encouraging. One recent survey found that in the United States, families only spend, on average, 37 minutes per day together. You can increase this by:

  • Preparing meals and dining together at least once per week.
  • Doing something active such as walking and cycling at the weekend.
  • Spending quiet time reading or listening to an audiobook.

Spending quality time together is vital on many levels. First, it strengthens family bonds, which are essential for overall development. Yet families that spend time together often show an increase in general happiness and much lower stress and anxiety than those who don’t.

Hold Family Meetings

Time is crucial, and you can never get it back. This is why spending it with family is so important. However, you might have little time through no fault of your own. Work commitments and other family obligations can get in the way. So family meetings are an excellent way to raise concerns or generally check in with each other. Especially if you are the type of family that isn’t able to dine together or spend an entire day doing an activity. At least once per week, try to set aside a specific time suitable for all family members where you can raise concerns.

Laugh Out Loud and Play Together

Finally, making time to play and laugh is perhaps one of the greatest joys of having a family. The gloves can come off with your own family, and you can just relax and be yourself. You never have to pretend to be something you’re not. Something many of us are guilty of at work and in social circles. Just get out the video games, toys, or board games, and spend some time being goofy, telling jokes, and acting silly. This is great fun for adults and is an excellent way to bond. Yet, for children, this is an essential part of growing up, even well into the teen years.


Your life will be much happier when you fill your home with love. You can easily do this by getting a cat or dog, doing family activities, and remembering to laugh and play together.

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