How To Continue Your Child’s Education Over the Summer

No more waking up at 6:00 a.m. to get a move on for school. Soon, sleeping in won’t be such a sin for your kids. And that’s great because they deserve a break. But as parents, you don’t want your kids’ brains to turn into mush.

You want your child to stay sharp, and more importantly, ready for the next grade level when school starts again. We can tell you how to continue your child’s education over the summer.

how to continue your child’s education over the summer

Start Story Time

Reading is the best. Literature allows readers to escape to a new world of wonder and magic in the most educational way possible. Your child will be actively learning without even realizing it.

Read a book every day with your kids. Take the time to sit down for at least one hour and see how many chapters you can cover. As you read to them, try and get them to read a couple of pages as well. Go over the tough words together. You’ll be surprised what one hour of reading does for the mind.

Look at Summer Programs

Unfortunately, not every parent has the luxury of being home with their kids all day. Don’t feel guilty about that—we all have to make a living. Look at this as an opportunity to enroll your child in a summer program.

There are day camps they can attend while you’re at work. And here’s the best part: camp is pretty much school disguised with more outdoor time. Your child will be learning and getting a solid education daily without thinking of it as work.

Take Up a Hobby

Taking on a new hobby is a great way to bond with your child and teach them something. Even if the hobby is a sport, there’s always an opportunity to throw an educational lesson in there.

If you really want to get educational and fun, making models is a beneficial hobby for a few reasons. The biggest benefit is how it forces your child to flex their strongest muscle—their brain. Plus, it’s an activity that could go on for days rather than something you complete in a matter of hours.

Reward Them With Recess

All work and no play make for a pretty lame summer. Remember that summer break is still their time to get outside and go crazy. They have to come back to school with some great adventures and stories to tell, so don’t cheat them on recess time.

Make it like an incentive. Tell your kids that for every practice worksheet they get through, you’ll reward them with a trip somewhere—maybe a trip to a carnival or amusement park. This is also an excuse for you to maintain your inner child. Who said summer break is for only the kids?

Keep the education and fun going for your kids over summer break, and watch how their minds expand.

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