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That’s one of the most often used words in gift giving. It is also one of the hardest things to pull off. In a perfect world, each gift we gave would be thoughtful and personal. It would fit the giftee like a glove and the thoughtful effort would radiate through any wrapping.

That’s a perfect world and this, well, this is reality. The hard truth is no matter how much thought we put into a gift probability tells us if something can go wrong, it will. Maybe a wrong size or color; maybe faulty or defective equipment. Then there’s the inevitable rip, snare, drip, and drop.

Thanks, Murphy.

Since I like to avoid stress when possible I tend to stick to a few rules. These rules are especially important for choosing a personal and thoughtful gift.

If I’m buying a gift that comes in multiple sizes I make sure I know the giftee’s size. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds so being crafty can help in this situation. If you’re not comfortable asking, or they’re not comfortable telling, the first thing to decide is boundaries. An innocent peek at a tag could seem like nothing, o it could be completely blown out of proportion. If you need a jewelry size, trace frequently worn pieces (end to end) and take it to a jeweler who can help deduce the right size.

Knowing what colors a giftee prefers helps make sure they’ll love your gift in a “No, they’re not just saying it to be nice,” kind of way. If I’m ever at a loss I check out Pantone.

Another thing I’ve learned recently is you should know whether your giftee is allergic to their gift. There’s seriously nothing like giving someone something, them loving it, only to have them later scrambling for the Epi-Pen.

It happens, people!

thoughtfully gift set popcorn

The biggest rule for me is finding something that is bound to be loved but still takes some knowing to pull off. You know, like flowers. Everyone has a favorite flower and it’s not always roses. A bouquet of Calla lilies or Gerber daisies because you know they love them. That’s what makes a great personal and thoughtful gift.

This brings me to Thoughtfully. A company with intricately curated gift sets. There are tons of options so you’ll be able to choose the right one for everyone on your gift list. The gift sets are unique and packed with awesome goodness.

Thoughtfully doesn’t just offer holiday gifts – they offer gift sets for any and all occasions. Birthdays, weddings, to girls night out – whatever your gifting needs, they have a gift set for everyone. That, paired with their awesome taste, make me love Thoughtfully.

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I was psyched to try the Popcorn Lover’s Gift Set (sent for review/inclusion purposes). It had everything needed to please any popcorn lover (raises hand, that’s me!) It has popcorn kernels and popcorn seasonings ranging from savory to sweet. It even has popcorn holders! To me, this pairs perfectly with a romantic movie night or a girls night in.

The Popcorn Lover’s Gift Set is only one of several amazing gift sets. A few of my other personal faves are the Holiday Photo Booth and Saints & Sinners whiskey lover’s gift set. You have to visit the Thoughtfully website to get a grasp of all the amazing gift sets they offer.

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