Easy Steps Towards a Summer-Ready Home

Are you looking for ways to get your home summer ready but you don’t have a lot of time? You’re not alone. The good news is that there are plenty of easy ways that you can get your garden ready for the season without having to break the bank or your back trying to get it done. 

Sprucing up your house and being ready for the sunshine is exciting, because you know that good moods, good weather and that means good nights out with friends are on the way. From the ceiling fans to the HVAC, you’ll need to speak to an AC repair company, an electrician, and if you have the money, a cleanup. There is plenty to be done to get your home ready for the summer, and we’ve got some suggestions for you below to make sure that you can update your home in an instant without having to do too much.

easy steps towards a summer-ready home

Prepare The BBQ

Deep clean the barbeque and your outdoor tools. A deep clean is always on the cards for the summer, even with the help of a spring clean there’s nothing quite like getting the home ready for those summer vibes. The BBQ outside is likely going to be used if you plan to have friends over, which means that you need to get it cleaned up and ready to go. The chances are that it’s been sat in storage for so long that you’re quite ready to get cooking on it. You can’t very well do that if it’s going to be covered in grime and dirt. Giving the outdoor grill a good clean before you use it again is really going to help, so just make sure you find the right tips for the type of grill grate that you have.

Trim The Trees

Trim back your trees. Do you have the beautiful trees that line the sides and the back of your house? If so, you’re very lucky! The only problem with those trees, despite being very aesthetically pleasing, is they will tend to shed their branches. Cleaning up your yard is important and one of the best ways you can stop it all from going to pot again is to trim the branches back. Pruning the trees and shrubs around them will help them to look healthy and attractive during the summer, but if you’re not sure on what to do, or you’ve never pruned some trees before, call in the tree surgeons and ask them to help.

Prep The Ceiling Fans

Press the reverse button on your ceiling fans. If you have lovely ceiling fans in the rooms of your home, it’s time to switch them to summer mode. During the winter, they turn clockwise to push the warm air down to the floor. If you want to make sure that you are reducing the use of your air conditioning and saving money, turn your ceiling fans anticlockwise and pull the cold air towards the floor instead. This will help you to stay cool, it will keep each of your rooms looking nice and feeling fresher.

Wash The Windows

Get the windows washed. Over the winter months, the windows are exposed to an onslaught of weather and mud being thrown around by the wind. Those rain splashes and those fingerprints from the kids really do need to be cleaned up, so it’s time to get your pressure washes out and your window cleaning stuff out and get them cleaned properly. Giving the fingerprints a wipe and keeping the debt from showing when the sun shines through the windows is important.

Clean Outdoor Lights

Wipe down the outdoor lights. The outdoor lights need just as much attention as the ones inside the home. Give them a quick clean by wiping down the inside and the outside of them and leave your windows and doors open to allow the fresh air to come in. They should shine brighter without any dirt and grime all over them, and you can probably get rid of any of the spider webs that are all sticking over the top as well. Don’t forget to wipe down the inside and outside of the glass bulbs, because dirt doesn’t just come on to the outside of the lights.

Wash The Deck

Wash the deck. The last thing you could do to get yourself ready for the summer is to wash your patio and decking outside. The easiest way to do this is with a pressure washer, but make sure you get some help with the instructions so that you’re using the right setting and you don’t ruin the wood.

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