Could Your Garden Benefit From A Little Privacy?

Your garden is supposed to be a little haven for the home, a place where you can relax, enjoy some fresh air, and maybe indulge in some company. It can be a lot harder to do that when you feel like your spot is exposed to the entire world.

If you’re finding it difficult to get the comfort you want in your garden, then perhaps the following tips can help add the privacy that makes it a lot easier.

could your garden benefit from a little privacy

Fencing and borders

One of the most effective places to start offering your garden some privacy is to make sure that it has a secure and reliable barrier around it.

Aside from making your home safer, strong and reliable garden fences can also prevent people from peering in too close, allowing you a measure more peace while you’re trying to relax in there.

Of course, this does somewhat depend on the type of fencing that you choose, as some will allow for a lot more visibility than others. But there are other ways you can bolster their privacy, still, such as with the tip below.

Grow your privacy

Plantlife and greenery can do a lot to establish a little more privacy in the garden, too. Setting up tall plants around social areas like the patio can make it a lot harder for people to look in on you.

More effective, still, is the increasingly popular green wall or trellis that can be grown against fences and walls. Not only do these obfuscate vision to some degree, but they’re also great at blocking out sound, as well, so you don’t have to worry about being overheard quite as much.

Give yourself some cover

As well as the outside border of the garden, you want to focus some attention on where you and your guests are going to be spending most of your time socializing and conversing.

This usually means places like patios and decking. There are plenty of ways to offer them a little extra privacy, such as by hanging drapes or roller shades.

However, patio screen enclosures offer some of the best privacy as well as the cover, making it easier for you and your friends and family to spend more time there, even if the weather begins to get a little less welcoming. See if you can close your patio to make it a more private space.

Water features can be a big help, too

While they predominantly tend to get installed for the sake of aesthetics, water features actually have great privacy features, too.

The sound of running water is a great sound masker, which means that things like fountains, waterfalls, and bird baths can make it a little harder for anyone who might want to eavesdrop on your company in the garden. Of course, water features are somewhat expensive too, so a cost-benefit analysis is a good idea.

Privacy can make your garden a much more welcoming, peaceful, and comfortable place to be. This can make it even better suited to entertaining friends, family, and guests in the future.

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