Choosing the Best Cat Toys

Ask 5 cat moms what the best cat toys are, and you’ll get 5 different answers. The truth is, all cats are different, and one cat’s favorite cat toy won’t be the other. To choose the best toys for your kitten, you need to understand your cat’s personality. Here are some of my suggestions based on 30+ years of cat motherhood. 

best cat toys

For the Cat Who Scratches Everything

Cats who frequently scratch furniture and walls need something to occupy them, so a scratching post is a great option. If you find your cat isn’t taking to the scratcher, try adding a little catnip. You can sprinkle flakes or go for a catnip-scented spray. Once they have a designated scratching post your furniture and walls will be safe.

Corrugated cardboard is another enticing scratching surface your scratching cat can’t resist.

Best Cat Toys For the Cat Who Zips Through the House

Hyper cats generally love to play and chase stuff. Windup and battery-operated cat toys are the perfect way to keep them entertained. There are tons of different toys on the market for your cat to chase, so why not stock up on a few?

Sticks with elastic bands attached to small toys or balls are another fun toy for a cat who zips through the house.

For the Cat Who Eats Everything

cat toys

If your cat tends to chew on everything in sight you’ll want to try a treat-dispensing toy. My cats have always found treat-dispensing balls to be the best cat toys, but there are other dispensers on the market. Fill them up with your kitty’s favorite treats and watch them chew away on something you won’t mind being destroyed!

Catnip stuffed toys are also fun for the cat who eats everything in sight.

For the Cat Who Lays Around

Just because your cat seems lazy doesn’t mean they won’t play. I’ve found that laser pointers are a wonderful way to get lazy cats moving and keep them entertained. Sometimes all they need is a little stimulation to get them going.

cat toys

Lazy cats may also like toys that squeak or make other noises.

Does your cat have a favorite toy, or are you stuck trying to decide on what cat toys to buy? It never hurts to have a large selection to choose from.

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