Celebrate Your Adopted Dogs with a Pup Rally

pup peroni pup rallyThis post has been sponsored by Pup-Peroni®. I received product and compensation, but all opinions are my own.

Tips and Celebration Ideas for Adopt-A-Dog Month from Pup-Peroni – Can I get a #WoofYeah?!

Did you know that October is Adopt-A-Dog Month? There’s something magical that happens when you adopt a dog. It’s not just that you get the warm and fuzzies, that little bundle of fur that you’ve pledged to love and care for does too. But how do you choose a dog to add to your family? Instead of going in without a game plan, here are a few tips to help make adopting a dog go flawlessly.    

pup peroni pup rally

Tip #1: Breed matters. Sometimes people stereotype dog breeds.  For example, Chihuahuas are ankle biters, Terriers are hyper, Labs are loyal… the list goes on. Instead of listening to others, do your own research to understand the characteristics of different breeds so you can find the dog that best fits with your personality. This helps to understand what their needs are and make sure you can keep up with them. I’ve always been partial to bigger dogs, but small dogs are awesome too, so this is all about your personal preference.

Tip #2: Introductions are important. Most shelters have areas where you can interact and play with your potential pooch. It’s a good idea to bring along anyone who will be living in the house so everyone can get acquainted. It’s also a good idea to know if the dog you want to adopt gets along with kids and/or other pets – depending on who will be living with them. If you have kids, for examples, bring them along so you can see how the new pup interacts with them.

lucy pup peroni

Tip #3: Embrace the commitment. Dogs are social by nature and love lots of human interaction. Consider getting the entire family involved, or hire someone to play with your pooch while you’re away. This way your new dog gets plenty of attention at all times. Having a variety of toys and treats on hand always helps. You’re never too busy to throw a ball or slip a treat to your dog!

Tip #4: Forming a bond. It’s true that a bond forms as soon as you bring a new dog into your home. That bond grows stronger with every walk, belly rub, and ball toss. Bonding time also lets you get a feel for what your dog loves and also what they don’t like. You’ll learn their favorite toy, their favorite treat, and their favorite spot to be rubbed.

pup peroni pup rally

Tip #5: Shower them with love. I wholeheartedly believe that every animal deserves a home where they are showered with love, affection, and adventure. I talk to my dogs like they’re going to talk back. Sure, some people think I’m crazy, but I swear the doggos understand! I’m always hugging, rubbing, and using positive reinforcements (like a real meat Pup-Peroni treat) to reward them. I don’t hesitate to tell my girls every day that they’re beautiful and I love them, they appreciate it. They both agree that Pup-Peroni treats are paw licking good, so they get them quite often. It gives all three of us so much joy!

pup peroni pup rally

I always look for reasons to shower my girls with love. And since adopting a dog is a joyous experience, I wanted to celebrate Adopt-A-Dog month with a celebration, a Pup Rally if you will.

You can, too! And while you’re celebrating this joyous occasion, visit Pupcheerbuilder.com to create your own custom cheer for your pup to share with your friends on social media.

pup peroni pup rally

To kick off our Pup Rally I set up a table with Pup-Peroni dog treats, toys, and balloons which really set the mood for the day. We had a blast playing outside for hours, doing the things our dogs love to do. Butter loves to play tag, and she’s good at it! She runs to you, nudges you with her nose, and runs away. You have to chase her, those are the rules, so we did that until I couldn’t run anymore. Her old legs are faring much better than mine these days!

pup peroni

Lucy and the pups are crazy for fetch so we played with balls, frisbees, and basically anything I could throw and they could bring back. We’re still mastering the art of catching things in the air, but I feel like it’s close! Of course, everyone’s favorite activity was swarming mom to get to the yummy Pup-Peroni snacks. Seeing how much fun they were having, and how much they loved snacking on a Pup-Peroni treat gave me joy. If you’ve never seen a true doggy smile, take a look at this girl!

pup peroni pup rally

Pet adoption is something that is very close to my heart, so that made the day that much better. Knowing that I gave these girls second chances at love and life is more than enough reward. They deserve to be celebrated, and so do your pups! I would love to know what your perfect Pup Rally would be like so leave a comment and tell me!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pup-Peroni. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. This is just adorable! You have such a big heart for adopting and giving them a second chance at life. There are so many dogs waiting for a forever home.

  2. OMG Your dog is so cute! I always adopt my pets. Right now I have a cat that I adopted. When we had a dog, these were the kind of snacks Zoe would like.

  3. What a cute dog! Pet adoption is close to my heart too, we just adopted two cats that had been dumped at a barn. These sound like fun snacks that dogs like!

  4. Adopting animals is so important! I always promote adopt opposed to shop when it comes to pets! There are so many amazing animals just waiting for their forever home!

  5. Doing your homework on different types of breeds and their traits is so important. Do you want a big dog or small dog. Health issues comes with a breed. All you tips are wonderful and now go adopt a dog.

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