Bringing A Little More Flavor To Your Cakes

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or even to bring a patriotic bake to one of the national holidays throughout the year, there are few things like a cake to make sure the hungry masses all get a taste of something sweet. However, if you or your loved ones are starting to get a little bored with the taste of them, here we’re going to look at a few ways you can really upgrade the flavors you use to make cake exciting again.

bringing a little more flavor to your cakes

Soak it in milk 

If you’re worried that your cake is a little dry, then you might be looking for a way to bring some moisture back to it. One way to create the perfect level of moisture while still keeping a nice, crumbly texture to it is to soak it in milk. You don’t need a whole bowl of milk to do this, of course, you can brush a few tablespoons of milk on each layer. Whole or condensed milk tends to be the best for retaining a rich flavor to it, but coconut milk can bring its own distinct flavor, too.

Switch out extract for bean

A lot of cakes use a dash of vanilla extract to bring that nice mix of neutrally sweet flavor, keeping things tasty but without giving them an overly heavy taste. If you like the taste of vanilla, however, you can enhance it even further by using a whole vanilla bean. You can scrape the seeds off into your batter of frosting, and it actually brings the real taste of vanilla to the fore, rather than its relatively thin counterpart.

Give your icing a little more oomph

One of the cardinal sins of cake baking, and one of the most common ones, at that, is to give it a lot of icing that doesn’t offer much in the way of flavor. If you’ve started the habit of scraping the icing off, there’s a very tasty Italian buttercream recipe at that can make it all too irresistible to get rid of. The icing shouldn’t be an afterthought or a decoration, it should be another part of the taste sensation that is your cake.

Use some fruit filling

If you’re feeling that the sugary sensation of your cake is getting a little too much, it can do you a lot of good to have something to break it up. You don’t need to go too complicated with the flavorings, just look at some of the fruit curds from for some ideas. You just need to spread a little bit between each layer to add the right mixture of tart, citrus, or fresh flavors that can make your cakes a lot more interesting.

There’s such a wide variety of different types of cake you can make, not to mention the different component options that go into them, that you really have no excuse to get bored with them. Hopefully, the tips above help you bring some fresh and exciting flavors to this traditional favorite.

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