5 Almost Instant Benefits of Eating Clean

enjoy the instant benefits of eating clean when you clean up your diet from processed foods. learn how to transition to a clean eating diet for weight loss and help with lifestyle diseases like heart health and diabetes. #cleaneating

In a fast-paced world where everyone is looking for a quick fix to their problems, here’s an almost instant benefit to changing your diet that impacts your health. The instant benefits of eating clean will convince you to implement this way of eating for life to reap these benefits long-term. 

Clean eating is gaining a lot of attention as people look for new ways to lead a healthier life.

I know I switched to eating clean more simply for the desire to put fewer chemicals inside my body and more natural, wholesome goodness. 

Clean eating is simple, yet so many people get it wrong. In basic terms, the goal of clean eating is to consume whole foods that are minimally processed, refined or come from a natural source.

It challenges us to choose more fruits and vegetables as well as foods that are free of additives and preservatives. It tasks you to reach for foods that are of nature.

What Makes Processed Foods Bad?

Although some experts will tell you that processed foods are not necessarily a bad thing, because it removes bacteria and toxins and helps to preserve foods for a period of time, the truth is that processed foods just aren’t that good for us.

Processed foods are low in fiber, low in nutrients, contain unhealthy fats, high amounts of sodium and sugar, high-fructose sugar, refined oils, and trans fats.

Each of these qualities poses significant risks to our health including the dreaded heart disease, the risk of stroke, diabetes, obesity, and cancer to name a few.

What Happens When We Eat Clean?

Several things start to happen to your body the moment you decide to eat clean.

While the long-term effects can be momentous and life-changing like weight loss or the reversal of lifestyle diseases like heart disease or type 2 diabetes, there are immediate changes that begin to occur in a matter of just two or three weeks.

Clean eating is not another diet plan, scheme or fad. Clean eating is a way of life that is pulling in followers by the thousands who want to rid themselves of the toxins we’ve introduced into our bodies thanks to the convenience food industries. 

5 Almost Instant Benefits of Eating Clean

By almost instant, we mean that you’ll begin to notice these benefits within the first two weeks of eating clean. This is when your body is detoxing from all the preservatives it was used to and is now thriving on natural vitamins and minerals. 

1. Eating Clean Boosts Your Energy Naturally

Surprisingly, one of the immediate changes you start to notice after eating clean for a few days is the boost in your energy levels.

Thanks to the combination of whole grains, protein, and healthy fats, your body reaps the benefits of an even distribution of energy that can last for hours at a time.

Your blood sugar becomes well-adjusted as a result of eating nutritious, timely meals. This action helps to reduce the number of spikes you sometimes experience eating processed foods and thus will have a positive impact on those who are diabetic. (1)

2. Eating Clean Controls Mood Swings for the Better

Clean eating is well-known for its ability to provide mental clarity and overall brain health in general. In addition to the fog lifting, you also start to experience a change in your mood.

Thanks to omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, and improved regulation of brain chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, followers of clean eating can fend off feelings of depression and anxiety.

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3. Clean Eating for Better Sleep 

Another immediate benefit of clean eating is improved sleep experiences.

Thanks to chemicals like tryptophan that naturally occur in foods like almonds, eggs, fish, whole grains like oats and brown rice, your body experiences a natural boost in the hormone melatonin which helps you to get much-needed sleep.

4. Clean Eating Improves Your Workouts

If you are looking to improve your workouts then your diet is the way to go. Clean eating helps with improving your endurance, recovery time and builds muscle according to researchers. (2)

5. Clean Eating for Great Skin Health

You are what you eat and your skin definitely shows it.

A diet that is rich in fruits and veggies contains just enough vitamins to improve the elasticity and vibrancy of your skin. Followers of clean eating report changes in their skin for the better in a matter of only six weeks.

If you’re troubles with patchiness, acne, dark circles and hyperpigmentation, you should definitely look into your diet and switch out to some cleaner foods. 

These are just five almost instant benefits of eating a clean. Here are over 90 more benefits of cleaning up your diet to more natural foods. 

Remember to start small and aim big. Try clean eating for yourself and start making changes today. You are bound to see immediate changes in your mind, body, and spirit for the better.

enjoy the instant benefits of eating clean when you clean up your diet from processed foods. learn how to transition to a clean eating diet for weight loss and help with lifestyle diseases like heart health and diabetes. #cleaneating

Training Your Body To Eat Clean Foods

Taking the plunge to change your diet can be daunting. Are you going to change your diet so drastically that you can no longer eat the foods that are familiar to you?

Chances are if you are reading this, you are either seriously considering a BIG change or you’ve begun to change and got a little stuck along the way.

Here are some evidence-based tips, which have been found to be helpful in training people just like you to eat clean foods and avoid the junk!

Mindfulness for Clean Eating

The Centre for Mindful Eating states that mindfulness “utilizes the practice of mindfulness by intentionally bringing awareness to the internal and external environment while eating”.

In that way, you can better judge your hunger and eat for health AND pleasure. Your body will then be able to digest and utilize the nutrition in the foods you have just eaten, for a better, healthier you.

To be mindful of what and how you are eating, you have to be in the present moment. How can you achieve that?

• Eat when your body feels hungry (e.g. stomach growling); not when your emotions tell you to eat (e.g. sad, happy).
• Stop when your body tells you it’s satisfied; don’t ignore your body’s signals of satiety.
• Eat with friends or family at specific times, and in specific places; not random times and places, alone.
• Eat foods which are nutritionally healthy; not foods which are emotionally comforting.
• When you are eating, just focus on eating (sit and eat from a plate); don’t do other things (read, stand, use your phone).
• Consider where the food you are eating comes from; don’t consider the meal the end product.

Walking or Gentle Exercise

Craving the sugary foods? Go for a walk instead! Researchers found that taking a brisk 15-minute walk, made participants less likely to give in to their food cravings, than when they remained sedentary. That’s easy, no?

A more recent review pinpointed that gentle exercise uses the same dopamine reward pathways in the brain as sugar. So, if you want sugar, exercise. It’s good for you!

Following a low carb diet? You can still eat clean and see great weight loss results! 

Help yourself make better decisions

In ancient times, our ancestors experienced periods of plenty and periods of starvation.

Therefore, they used to ‘stock-up’ on calories during the periods of plenty. We, in the Western world, only experience the periods of plenty. Most of us have no shortage of food.

But it seems our bodies are still programmed to eat as much as possible or are we eating with our eyes? We are bombarded with foods high in carbs and calories at every turn and our bodies are craving it.

What can we do? Are we destined to be eating these foods, forever? Here are some of my tried and tested solutions:

• If it’s not there, you won’t eat it. Clear out your kitchen closets and workspace from any foods that you may begin to crave. Swap it out for healthy, cleaner snacks.
• Don’t let yourself get too hungry. When you are hungry, you make worse decisions.
• In the same vein, don’t go to the supermarket hungry, and always follow a list.
• Always carry a protein bar, an apple, some nuts or similar healthy snack in your purse or pocket – it can be a literal life-saver!
• When you eat out, know in advance what they serve generally and what you will eat, it saves you the agony of making on the spot decisions.
• Don’t be afraid to treat yourself occasionally – as that might be what will keep you sane. Most people can’t keep to a strict regime at all times. You deserve it!

As they say, moderation is key. It’s time to tip the scale in your favor. Eating way more clean foods and much less unhealthy packaged foods will not only benefits your waistline but your overall health and the quality of your life. 

Here are some foods to always incorporate in your diet as they are some of nature’s most perfectly nutritious foods

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  1. These are the reasons why I always tell my wife that I don’t like to eat processed foods. We’re both seniors but she still eats processed foods. I’m afraid for her health because she won’t listen to me. I’m going to share this article to her later. Thanks for posting!

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